January 17th 10pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Wednesday  1-17-18  
xyz: Central Bank opens an account in the region in preparation for payment of salaries
The decision of the Finance Committee of the parliamentary opening of the Central Bank of Iraq, a special bank account in the Kurdistan region. Ahmed Haj Rashid said in a press statement that "the Central Bank of Iraq has opened a special bank account in the Kurdistan region, but we do not know how much balance in this account."



Comments from Frank26 via TC (Team Chat)

Pattycales77: OMG KTFA. This morning I went to the bank to do some banking and I asked about the Iraqi dinar. In the past when asking about the dinar i would get " sorry we do not deal with that currency or I would get a smirk like I am crazy.

Well this morning I asked to speak with the banking manager the same man which I spoke to in the past. I asked him politely again if he would be exchanging the Iraqi dinar. He said "yes" in the near future. I asked him how soon, he paused and said soon.

I cannot believe this, this is the first time since holding the dinar for 12 years that this happened to me. I live in Canada, I want to scream the banks name but my husband says he doesn't want to start trouble. I cannot believe this.

I thought I might share this wonderful God sent news this morning before I head to work. Everybody have a wonderful day because I sure will.  

Post From Dinar Alert
​DA Member News Highlights & Comments 1-17-18

Kaperoni Moderator  Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) News > Report: Organization Daesh bought the "dollar" of Mzadt currency in the Central Bank of Iraq
Kaperoni Moderator  Report: Organization Daesh bought the "dollar" of Mzadt currency in the Central Bank of Iraq
16/1/2018  BAGHDAD / NRT It revealed "Foreign Policy" magazine, American, Tuesday, for the participation of the organization Daesh in the currency by the Central Bank of Iraq, which allows banks and the role of currency exchange to get the US dollar auctions, between the Iraqi government almost took a year to prevent their participation.
The magazine said in a report, seen by NRT Arab today (January 16, 2018), he said that "Daesh managed to smuggle at least $ 400 million from Iraq and Syria after its defeat, and this cash can Daesh money smuggled out of Iraq or invest in Iraqi markets local. "


Salamon69: I work in the life insurance industry.  Had a customer who is a Federal Agent assigned directly to guard the Secretary of State wherever he may travel.  In insurance it can be a major issue if you travel to places on the department of state travel warning list which Iraq is included.

He mentioned that he travels many times to Iraq and Syria.  I mentioned to him that Iraq is now a safe place right ?   

He chuckled and said that he feels safer flying to Iraq than going to Detroit, MI.  or most other places around the world. Said the main stream media is definitely behind the curve ball.  LOL

Our blessing is COMING...........