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Don961: Rafidain announces the disbursement of the 13th installment of the advance of civilian retirees

07-04-2018 03:19 PM    Baghdad News -

Rafidain Bank, the disbursement of the payment of 13 of the predecessor of the civilian retirees of three million dinars. 

The bank's information office said in a statement that 'the 13th installment of the civilian pensioners' advance of three million dinars has been disbursed to about 1900 pensioners.' 
The statement said that the payment of this advance was by informing the pensioner by text message informing him of the advance payment, after completing all the legal procedures to grant it and disbursement through electronic payment tools.         link   

Hopeful322:  Isn't it 3,000,000 IQD each (@ program rate)? 

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Saturday Night   4-6-18  
Dave: glad to see that the are havie met with the WTO
Spectra: @Dave YES
Spectra: @Dave IVE READ the articles

Zig: 4-7-2018 Newshound Guru Kaperoni : "I try to teach people not to believe what I say but to research this investment. And doing so you will find that currency simply does not RV or RI, they float and gradually rise overtime.

In fact once they begin this transition it could take two years or more to appreciate to a level that we all would consider cashing in. There is no single event. This is a process that takes time."


BREAKING NEWS: IQD Dinar Alert Wells Fargo Internal RV Inside Info PLEASE SHARE!

Post From Dinar Alert
DA Member News Highlights & Comments  4-7-18

Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) News > Central Bank announces its control over the flow of funds inside Iraq

Kaperoni Moderator    Central Bank announces its control over the flow of funds inside Iraq
2018-04-06 by sotaliraq Iraqi Central Bank said on Thursday that progress to the work of the Iraqi payments system during the last period led to the control of a "big" on the flow of money into Iraq and provide a comprehensive and accurate data on all transfers made within the financial and banking sector-wide base, and through a range of measures and precautions that It has been implemented and that it now works, including modernization of the payments system in all its components according to international standards.

The bank said in a statement today, that this update came in order to accommodate the increasing volume of transactions through the system to comply easily with the different banking systems, and the most important operating in the Central Bank regulations, the overall settlement of the immediate RTGS system, which was implemented in 2006, the system clearing e-C-ACH, which was implemented in 2011,

Omtimes Magazine  By Alan Cohen

I attended a concert by the Brothers Cazimero, two talented and well-loved Hawaiian musicians. Early in the evening one of the brothers, Roland, fell ill and had to leave the stage. 

Suddenly his brother Robert found himself on stage in front of a thousand people without his partner, unable to perform the two-hour repertoire they had rehearsed. He had to wing it.

The audience was quite disappointed. Here we had paid for tickets and come out for this big event, and it wasn’t going to happen. We wanted Robert and Roland, not just Robert. 

From Recaps Comment Section :  Dr. Clarke 4-6-18  

Lightspirit: I understand have everyone look to May and take the tension off of what is going to happen in April. thanks

DR. CLARKE (4-7-18): LIGHTSPIRIT:  APRIL 29, 2018. Circle It, on your Calendar.