June 15th 6pm

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PD Forum News Excerpts & Highlights Thursday PM 6-15-17
MrsClassy:     A stronger dollar index falling 16 months
Twilight News / dollar fell to its lowest level since the day following the US presidential election against a basket of major currencies in the wake of the publication of weaker - than - expected CPI in the US and retail sales data on Wednesday.
US retail sales recorded in May , the biggest drop in 16 months , while consumer prices fell unexpectedly on a monthly basis , indicating a moderation in inflation pressures , which could affect further increases in interest rates from the Federal Reserve General of this.


Elmerf123456:  "Just in from across the Pond" "The Caliphate" collapsing in Old City. Iraqi forces inside 4 square kilometers! Intense pressure is being applied. "We want this done and we want it done quickly and the welfare of our people are our priority" This will be a great achievement!

Offgrid:  it is the one just north of the Old City, so now there is only 1 district - the Old City - in Mosul to retake ... 1 last district then celebrate

PastorJohn:   Here's something to think about. According to Bloomberg that was posted on our site. Iraq is shipping millions of barrels of oil to the US. Why????? Something to think about.

Freeway2:  Pastor John - I read that on Drudge and was wondering myself since I understand we, in the US, have a large stock pile of Oil…..Peaked my interest

OffGrid:  Pastor John - perhaps the Oil Credits are already in play ;)

Pastor John:  Could this be the sign we are looking for. Revalue dinar goes into the Treasury. This was talked about  (using)  this currency to buy Iraq oil with. The Oil credits are indeed in play. And it's in play now. They are making this happen now with these shipments of oil.


QuietStorm:  I remember, Sept 14, 2013, " they are posting the 800 numbers" this was from Tony.. It is in process, I know of four that have uniquely finalized. Stay patient..

JSL:  Quiet Storm thank you for saying you actually know in Truth that someone has actually realized an Outcome in this that we are Hoping for. I know nobody like that, wish I did.

QuietStorm:  Retired VP of Citi,. Yes this is real...two years ago, at 2AM, happen to check the exchange, VND was clearly listed at $8.00,. My wife and I both saw the same thing.

Made a call to a contact at the UST. The only comment was, that exchanges can be managed in the AM. The $8.00 rate was there for about 8 minutes, then reverted back.

You need to get your Wealth Manager to see you as a viable long term customer. Trust me, sometimes it us timing and who you know. Nuff said.


RE: Wed. Night CC.

StephenMac63:  Train of Thought…….

If they dropped the first zero, and had to readjust contracts....and then drop the second zero....adjust contracts again.......seems to me that they have to keep readjusting contracts everytime they drop zeros.......they know the international world is watching.......what is thepossibility of them also dropping the 3rd zero at the same time as the second.......why readjust contracts again?

Could it be possible that the third zero is already gone and the contracts be adjusted with evidence being seen in about two weeks? Because at the rate they are going, next zero drop could be scheduled for July 12.....they miss the first half of 2017.

AnimatedRock:   Frank explained why them going past the 30th of June is extremely detrimental to them. He said you have to "listen with more than your ears" tonight.
That being said, I like the way you think.