July 28th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room  
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Friday AM 7-28-17 

chattels: good morning all

chattels: Monitors call on US to halt assistance to Iraqi unit for abuse allegations By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/28072017
chattels: The problem with the foregoing and an enemy like DAESH is that they will commit greater atrocities then the Iraqis if not stopped by the Iraqis and the Iraqis may be stopped or delayed by the suspension of funding. Investigate aggressively, but the sooner DAESH is destroyed the fewer innocent Iraqis will die.
chattels: Mr. Maliki making speech this morning.

How to Find the Right Estate Trustee

Setting up a trust for your estate can be an excellent financial move, but you have to find the right trustee.
Wendy Connick (imwconn) Jul 11, 2017
If you have a substantial estate and you've set up a trust to protect it (and your beneficiaries) from the perils of probate, good for you.
However, having a strong trust depends heavily on choosing the right estate trustee. This person will be making all the decisions once you're gone, so it's important to pick someone who will do a good job.
Here are some key qualities you should look for in an estate trustee.

News, Rumors and Opinions Friday PM 7-28-17


Islandgurl:  I believe that this "MR" is waiting on the USofA to catch with Iraq as oppose to Iraq catching up with the USofA!

Ecubucs: Completely agree! Iraq is DONE! I'm under the belief that WE are our own Hang Up!!! Congress Get Out of the WAY!!!

Airam:  International trade  http://www.iraq-businessnews.com/2017/07/23/jordan-iraq-discuss-reopen​ing-of-border-crossing-for-trade/

Airam:   airam, all they need is a international rate

KCSuccess:  I think these deadlines are fantasy

SwampyJack:  Deadlines are not native to Arabs…I think us Westerners over use that term "Deadline" in its literal sense. We set goals to achieve stuff, but no one would ordinarily die cause we missed that target date

RVAlready:  No, but when the IMF says "do the RV or else", as confirmed by the CBI governor, the deadline becomes a lot more real.

​As always my comments are in  italic  RED.
Articles Begin

Barzani meets with US ambassador to Iraq

July 27, 2017
Roudao - Erbil
The President of the Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barzani, received Thursday evening, US Ambassador to Iraq Douglas Silliman and his accompanying delegation, and discussed the political situation in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region.
"The political situation in Iraq and the Kurdistan region, in addition to the military situation and the war on terrorism, was discussed, and the continuation of coordination and cooperation to eliminate the terrorists," said a statement issued by the Kurdistan Regional Presidency. 
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( Thank you George for emailing this to Recaps today.)

​July 28, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today.   
I don’t know about you but I am seeing some trends for disseminating information about Iraq. See if you realize it too.
First for years the news was all about the battle to liberate Mosul. Then for a couple weeks, after this victory was declared, the CBI stood up and took it’s turn explaining what it has done to save the country financially and what they can do for Iraq in the future. Remember Iraq got hit with a double whammy with the drop in oil prices and additional cost to fight ISIS.
This week we heard about the last strong hold for ISIS in the town of Tal Afar, Nineveh, Iraq. The prime minister Abadi said “a special plan” had been laid down for the liberation of the town, a major ISIS stronghold west of Mosul that has been isolated encircled by security forces and allied paramilitary troops. So folks the fun with ISIS is not over. What next? We wait for the “complete liberation from ISIS” not just Mosul.
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