May 21st 6pm

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More News, Rumors and Opinions Late Sunday Afternoon 5-21-17


Rrrr:  Below is an email I received from my currency dealer.(5-20-17)

A major disruption has occurred on the borders of Iraq not allowing the Iraqi Dinar to leave the country.  The result of this will be higher prices in the marketplace (which could be very volatile) effective immediately. 

Uncirculated dinar is almost impossible to obtain anymore.  We are suggesting to our customers to buy Circulated or whatever we can get our hands on.  Remember, it’s all currency and can be exchanged at any time.  Being the World Leader in this space our resources are far more vast and our relationships more deep than anyone in our industry. 

Please call with any questions, however, please know this will be a challenging obstacle for the foreseeable future. 
Thank You,   Xchange of America Team

PD Member News Excerpts & Highlights Sunday AM 5-21-17

Post From Peoples Dinar
PD Member News Excerpts & Highlights Sunday AM 5-21-17
MrsClassy:    Rafidain Bank directs its branches to organize the approved instruments and issuing "bills of exchange" for citizens
21/05/2017   Rafidain Bank in the face of its branches in Baghdad and the provinces to organize the instruments adopted and the issuance of bills of citizens in one day and without any delay.
The Information Office of the Bank said in a statement obtained "direction Press" a copy of it, that "the bank in order to cash the block to attract and win customers decided to organize the instruments adopted and the issuance of bills of citizens for the purpose of facilitating transactions in the same day cash deposit or when there is balance in the customer's account."

Dinar Updates Saturday Late PM Chat   5-20-17

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Saturday Late PM Chat   5-20-17 
reynoldse2 says():I don't understand. An article was recently put in the forum, saying they have a few districts left. How on earth can that be possible when earlier today they said exactly that they've completed their mission in Mosul.
How can it be completed if there just happens to be districts left? I don't get it. Just unbelievable. I'm positive, and hopeful. But, the contradictions are overwhelming.
reynoldse2 says():This is so frustrating I just want the friggin revaluation. I don't want to keep hearing that Mosul is a few days away. They've seen saying that for months. Arghh... sorry everybody. I hate this.
Dinar Dave says():LOL

KTFA Members Sunday AM 5-21-17 "News and Views"


Samson:  A senior Iraqi delegation heads to Saudi Arabia, with the arrival of Trump Riyadh

2017/5/20 16:18

A senior Iraqi delegation traveled to the Saudi capital Riyadh , where he arrived US President Donald Trump on Saturday, to attend - American Islamic summit.

The delegation was headed by President of the Republic Fuad Masum, and includes Defense Minister Irfan Hayali and other officials.
It will be held tomorrow (Sunday)  in Riyadh , an international conference to combat terrorism and attended by the heads and leaders of more than 50 countries, where the conference will focus on the issue of post - Daesh and achieving victories in Iraq and Syria and not to allow terrorist organizations to flee to Europe and America.

News, Rumors and Opinions Sunday Morning 5-21-17


Frank26: (late Saturday Night)   IMO ........... A did not make an announcement on Mosul today........... Maybe he waits to see T and make the announcement with him in front of an International Stage.

Like the one A was on today but skirted all around the announcement that Mosul is Liberated.

IMO we do not need Mosul for an RV BUT ............ We need A to say Mosul is Liberated.

There is a Grand Canyon differences between these two statements.

A and T should meet tomorrow.(Sunday) ............ Lets watch to see if they do.

As for the dinar sites that are sending emails saying they can not get dinars ............... I ask You : What did my broker and i tell You 2 WEEKS ago? IMO ........... Brokers .... Gurus and articles usually catch up to our STUDY. 

Aloha Sunset ......... \m/