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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Sunday 8-20-17 
xyz: "the central bank is in the process of opening the branches of the bank in the Kurdistan region," noting that "the delay comes as a result of the seizure of the region for previous funds of the bank, in addition to the referendum to be held on the twenty-fifth of next month."
xyz: Kuwaiti war compensation to be investments and oil supply in Iraq, sources Baghdad/ Iraq TradeLink:

Why Don’t The Rich Give More? Here’s Why…
by John Hawthorne | Jul 17, 2017
It’s ironic, really. You’d think that millionaires and billionaires would be some of the most generous people on the planet. After all, they could literally withdraw all their money from the bank and use it to insulate the walls of their palatial mansions. They could heat their houses by lighting bales of bills on fire.
But the crazy thing is that compared to the rest of the population, the super wealthy give away a smaller proportion of their income. In Britain, the uber rich can secure a spot in the top 100 givers spot by donating a miniscule 1.08% of their income.


JesusLovesBseball: QiCard Key Card

5 hrs ·

The salaries of the following departments have been paid:

The Iraqi University All its departments

Mosul University The

Sunni Waqf Endowments of Fallujah

Prisoners' institution Inspector General

Sunni Waqf Endowment Anbar

Greetings # Msrv_alravedan and # Ki_card


DELTA:  THE FINANCIAL SITUATION TABLE FOR CBI !!!    Table of July /2017   (wink)

Sirenfire: That is VERY COOL... a 1.7 billion dollar credit is showing in july for current year revaluation!!!!! WOOHOOO PLUS currency issuance expenses for print NEW DENOMSSSSSS BAM spent over 5 mill printing new denoms in July... I would say we are READY BABY!!! 


MilitiaMan: Then imo that means they are now openly saying we are 1:1. Are they not? -MM

The Most Important Tip For Bitcoin And Powerball Jackpot Millionaires
AUG 19, 2017
Panos Mourdoukoutas , CONTRIBUTOR
Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.
Photographer: Ryan Anson/Bloomberg News.
Of all the tips Bitcoin, Powerball, and other quick millionaires can get from experts, one stands out: don’t treat lucky money differently than hard earned money, because you run the risk of losing part or all of it.