September 20th 10pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Wednesday Evening 9-20-17 
chattels: good afternoon
chattels: Barzani: Kurdistan to say 'goodbye' to Iraq within 2 years from referendum By Rudaw
Baxter: If I had a dollar for every BIG TV screen they have erected in Iraq in the last 12 years.. I wouldnt need an RV.... :hh
chattels: UPDATED: PM Barzani: Military attack on Kurdistan is ‘impossible’ By Rudaw


StephenMac63: We knew Kurdistan would pull some kind of stunt as they always have. They have had plenty of time to solve this in the past, IMO, it has already been solved. Just more M.E. drama.

Who is to say that this isnt all part of the plan.....many of us are focusing on what Kurdistan is doing right now.....and that is what they want. For you to focus on Kurdistan..........because something else is going on somewhere else. Left hand/Right hand routine.

Do I think Abadi needs to direct the forces in the final battle of the remaining areas? No, thats why he has Generals.

Will he make the UN meeting? I dont know, but then again, does he actually need to be there to give a report? No, he has Presidents that can do that. Granted it would be great if Abadi can have the Mic Drop moment that he deserves but he can do that in Baghdad also, televised to UN, standing along side of Barzani ect.

​The Best Way to Handle Financial Mistakes
Danielle Seurkamp, CFP®, MPAS®, FBS® September 13, 2017
Isn’t it the best feeling when you get a good deal? When I get a coupon code/rebate/sale combo going or I find an amazing item on the clearance rack, the first thing I want to do is tell the next person I see about my shrewd purchase.

Nothing tops the time I found the right amount of engineered hardwood floor in the exact oak color I needed for $.90 per square foot when the big box stores wanted over $4.00. I still brag about that and it was over five years ago.


Frank26: Just got WALKINGSTICK'S REPORT for tonight's WEDNESDAY CC ......

Campbell Soup has nothing on our conversation because it was more than ................. Mmm Mmm Good !!!

i dare You to miss Your WEDNESDAY CC tonight ................ We Can SHARE ..........

Sweet Aloha Dreams of A Reality........\m/ (7PM EST)

SlappySquirrel: When attending UNGA, (UN General Assembly) aren't the presidents or prime ministers of these countries suppose to attend to give their speeches for their country? I remember JJ posted the other day Abadi was scheduled to speak on Thursday. Im just wondering why and how he was able to wiggle out of that commitment? What could be more important than attending UNGA? 

Frank26:  Come to your conference call tonight.......... I will tell you .