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By Marcia Sirota MD

It won’t surprise anyone when I say that money is an incredibly charged subject. People have very strong, sometimes surprising feelings about money: some people hate it, seeing it as “dirty,” or “evil.” They fear money and prosperity, and how their life would change if they had more of it.

Some people feel like they can never have enough. They accumulate copious amounts but are never satisfied. It’s the same dynamic as for an over-eater- no matter how much money they take in, they remain empty and unsatisfied.

People who over-consume money are as obsessive in their thinking and compulsive in their behaviors around money as any alcoholic, gambler, over-eater or drug addict.

Embrace the Gift of Holiday Love During Crisis: 6 “Tried & True” Steps
By Kathleen Kanavos

Trouble does not take time off for celebrations or holidays and neither should you. Every day of life is a special gift. Celebrating the holidays is a wonderful way to distract us from our treatments, illness and crisis. When we embrace and celebrate a gift of love, we automatically give back as much as we received. Accepting love is also a gift to the giver.

“But how can I celebrate when I feel so poorly?” you may ask. I asked the same question while I battled three breast cancers over ten years. So the solutions shared here with you are tried and true.

Why Are The Holidays Hazardous To Our Health?
By Dr. John Young

3 Tips for Giving Your Body What It Needs to Fight Illness

It’s a sad statistical fact: The holidays, from Christmas to New Year’s, are a treacherous time when it comes to our health.

“There’s a spike in heart attacks and other cardiac issues,” says Dr. John Young, a physician specializing in the treatment of chronic illnesses through biochemical, physiological, and nutraceutical technologies, and the author of “Beyond Treatment: Discover how to build a cellular foundation to achieve optimal health,”


Wealthblcr: Just last week on the 7th, we, the US, became Basel 3 compliant. this​ was necessary for the RV.   LINK

CharlieOK: The most under reported, significant issue ...... Basel III compliance.

TTBO: Washington – U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin issued the following statement on the completion of Basel III Capital Standards:

Mangelo: all we are waiting for is the green light that's it...... things are done over there..... anytime soon for us...

JSL: Nothing needs to be done ,,,It is just a matter of when they want to do it.

CharlieOK: What is harder? Basel III compliance or getting complete security in Iraq? The answer is in WHO gets to control definitions.