December 11th 6pm

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Frank26: Normally i do not allow one to post comments between WALKINGSTICK and i. 

But for this one time ................. What did WS post to me yesterday?

It is my sincere desire to be able to SHARE ................ 1 of 2.

Let's see what evolves for tonight's MONDAY CC.( 7pm est)

God Bless You All ................. Sweet Aloha \m/

Ccd316: WS posted ….tomorrow have 1 to you Frank

Bwsutton: What she said... WS has 1.

GCR & RV Historical Overview Part 2 of 2

Re-post From Our Archives By Request
Global Currency Reset (GCR) & Revaluation Of Currencies (RV) Historical Overview
 --  (Educational Purposes Only)

​​Below are projected redemption rates for each of the first basket currencies. All rates can and will change based on traditional market forces, called “floating”:
IN COUNRY RATE: This rate exists so local currency holders can easily redeem to new gold backed currencies within the boarders of their own country. This rate is intentionally lower than other rates, as it is meant to ease citizens and existing population back into trusting their national currency as legal tender.
Remember, some of these countries have been in bankruptcy for many years, which means at onetime they experienced very public bank failures. So metal coins are often used to help the emotional healing process, all be it at lower rates to counter over spending.

​GCR & RV Historical Overview Part 1 of 2

Re-post From Our Archives By Request
Global Currency Reset (GCR) & Revaluation Of Currencies (RV) Historical Overview
 --  (Educational Purposes Only)
This GCR/RV Historical Overview presentation was created for educational purposes only. This information was never designed to be a for--profit venture, financial solicitation of any kind, or attempt at offering unlicensed professional legal, tax or investment advice to any individual, for any purpose, for any reason.
The content of this material strictly for research purposes, and readily available to the general public via the Internet, videos, audio interviews, e--books, major news organizations and website blog articles. 

Iraqi News Excerpts & Highlights Monday 12-11-17
Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Monday 12-11-17  

chattels: US increases drilling rigs and oil prices are falling 11/12/2017

chattels: This is the highest level of US production since the early 1970s, and is close to the level of output of Russia and Saudi Arabia, the two largest producers of crude oil

chattels: The increase in the number of drilling rigs suggests another increase in US crude oil production, which has already increased more than 15 percent since mid-2016 to 9.71 million bpd.

chattels: Ever wonder why the Iraqi Dinar, or any other country than China, would be worth more than or equal to the US Dollar by virtue of a comparison of their economies ?

"PPP's, Historical Bonds Overview & More"
Re-post By Request From Dinar Chronicles 2-6-16

From Dinar Chronicles: Historic Overview:

Private Placement Platforms (PPP) & Historical Bonds (HB)
(Education Purposes Only)


Several revolutionary humanitarian central banking mechanisms were embedded into the modern financial system after the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference. A benevolent hydration system was created by the Sovereign Elders (Keepers of Global Collateral Accounts) along with all Allied Forces governments (controlled at the time by Dark Nobility families of Eastern Europe ... aka the "cabal:); in order to rebuild the world after two very brutal wars--WW1 & WW2.


Yada: The 9th-11th was the time we expected the annoncements and we got them and then some,,now that Iraq is released from chap 7,the rate change is next and expected,,,this will now take place due to the investments deals coming to Iraq

RVAlready: I'd imagine some of those investment deals are waiting on the RV. I doubt investors want program rate…..I think the IMF also wants some loan payments, so I think they are probably telling Iraq to get on with it.

Yada: Again, the IMF just overseas the movement of money,,,if there are loan payments, that money would transact between Iraq and whoever,,,

REI: I still think we need the 'smoke', not the taxes, of the tax reform for this thing to pop. But please, prove me wrong and RV Now! Jmho….don't think for a nano second that the USA is not involved in this release....


NetGlobal: I truly believe we will see a rate change sometime within the next 30 days

Pearle: Netglobal I hope so...I cannot imagine anymore excuses or reasons

NetGlobal: Yeah, now that they have control of their currency they will want to raise the rate….getting out of chapter vii was huge!

Pearle: Does that mean it’s now up to them, they did everything

NetGlobal: pearle, now that chapter vii is no longer an issue, the UN has given Iraq control over their currency….chapter vi has to do with the peaceful resolution of disputes between nations

Pearle: Netglobal that’s Allak can flip the switch……..Hope he does

NetGlobal: Allak now is in the drivers seat