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BIS - Who Rules The World -- A History Part 2 of 2

BIS - Who Rules The World -- A History Part 2 of 2
The Bank for International Settlements Who Rules the World 
Enviado por ei en septiembre 17, 2013 – 19:19 pm   Frank de Varona
 The sordid history of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS)
During the Nuremberg trials that followed the end of World War II, 104 Germans were sentenced to death or to prison terms. Those who received terms in prison included four of the five directors of the BIS.
Hermann Schmitz was sentenced to four years.
Walther Funk, who had worked with Himmler, the SS chief, to ensure that gold and valuables from the Jews at the concentration camps were credited to a special account at the  Reichsbank, was sentenced to life imprisonment.

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BIS - Who Rules The World -- A History Part 1 of 2

BIS - Who Rules The World -- A History Part 1 of 2

The Bank for International Settlements Who Rules the World 

Enviado por ei en septiembre 17, 2013 – 19:19 pm  By  Frank de Varona

The sordid history of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) was created on May 17, 1930 to administer or “settle” the World War I reparations imposed on Germany under the Treaty of Versailles.

There were four very powerful individuals who played a very important role in the founding of BIS:

Charles G. Dawes, Owen D. Young, Hjalmar Schacht, and  Montagu Norman.

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The Problem Becomes Worse Each Year

Notes From The Field  By Simon Black
May 26, 2017 Santiago, Chile

… and now for the bad news

In the late 1760s and early 1770s, the government of France was in a deep panic. 

They had recently suffered a disastrous and costly defeat in the Seven Years War, and the national budget was a complete mess. 

France had spent most of the previous century as the world’s dominant superpower, and the government budget reflected that status. 

From public hospitals to shiny monuments and museums, social programs and public works projects, overseas colonies and a huge military, France had created an enormous cost structure for itself. 

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Dinar Updates Friday Early Chat   5-26-17

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

Precool27 says():OK. Do we have news yet?
Precool27 says():Things have been quiet lately
Doug_W says():its been eerily quiet 27
Pablo says():crickets
Doug_W says():even they are quiet Pablo
Mrs BGG says to Pablo():Good morning! :)
Pablo says():No news
Pablo says():Morning.

Mrs BGG says to Pablo():Have you read the "Current Iraq News"?

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Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Late Friday Night 5-26-17


RustyBucket:  Sistani pushes the start of Ramadan off until Sunday? Just like that? Could it be that they wanted to allow a couple more days to finish Mosul so as to be able to say it was done before Ramadan or am I reading too much into that?

Dinara:  rustybucket...It makes sense to me!.... I always remember the interview when it was said everyone would wake up Sunday Morning to a whole new world. Sat. midnight works for me

LocoFelipe:  it is not uncommon for one of the religious authorities to change a time and date on the Ramadan. Sistani did the very same thing two years ago.... we all got excited. and, nothing happened. I would stay grounded, keep you whits about you and not let the emotions control your every thought on this ride.

Fuze:  I think what gives a unique flavor to Sistani's decision regarding Ramadan, and any other action in Iraq that we may have seen before is the totality of all the things happening together... This we have never seen or experienced... No matter how long you may have been involved..

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Delta Clarifies Article: "Banking Expert: Gov. Implement the ER Program in Cooperation with the IMF"


RE: Article:  Banking expert: Government implement the economic reform program in cooperation with the International Monetary Fund  (posted below)

MexSal: OK so this was highlighted.
Iraqi economy and Iraq a positive sign will come out of its crisis at the end of the year after the completion of the war against Daesh, and the government 's attention and orientation towards what has been planned during the first half of the current year.

So is this economist telling us this is being kicked to the end of the year.

I appreciate the article but as far as economist talk I had enough. Until there's someone of importance like Allak or Abadi saying that I won't feel bad or good. 

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