December 19th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Tuesday  12-19-17  

chattels: David M. Witty‏ @DavidMWitty1 International Coalition in Iraq: we have not captured ISIS leader al-Baghdadi. We do not know where he is at.

xyz: Cabinet votes on the working paper of the World Bank loan

Starman86: Do you all think we are waiting on the tax reform to get signed tomorrow which is Wednesday?

futuremoney: @Starman86 nope

Doug_W: @Starman86 there really is NO one single event or date 4 this to happen its all up to the CBI when they want to do it

futuremoney: @Doug_W IF they do

Doug_W: I prefer when


DELTA: -Financial Situation Tables For November /2017
CURRENCY ISSUNACE EXPENSES:FROM:11/1/17 TO 11/30/17.........( $12,591,519)

Greenclan: Thank you delta for your tireless efforts. But I am not sure what this really means or how it’s related to our awaited event. Can you please take a few minutes and explain thank you so very much  Merry Christmas  

Fenway: Greenclan, the 91% rise in currency issuance costs means they are madly printing up new currency. (hint: think LDs)

Frank26:  PRINTING ARE WE? ......................hmmmmmmmmm


Briona: I have been pinching pennies for so long that my fingers are cramping, time to change that forever, and let it be this week.

SassyD: briona..... I hear ya'...... Our Moto (my late hubby & I)....... "We've done sooo much, with sooo little, for sooo long, that we can do almost anything, with nothing, in no time flat !!"

Tanker47: Intel is dead as a hammer .

G8way2k: Silence may just be golden.

RVAlready:  The holdups just need to get their jobs done. The world is waiting.

MNGoodman: Old intel: This will happen when it happens. A couple of wise men (not the Magi!) once said, "Be ready so you don't have to get ready."


DELTA: -Financial Situation Tables For November /2017


FROM:11/1/17 TO 11/30/17.........( $12,591,519)