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Bloomberg News May 22, 2017

This article is by Bloomberg News. It appeared first on the Bloomberg Terminal.

China has an insurance policy against a full-scale market meltdown: the daily currency fixing.
With stocks and bonds in retreat amid anxiety over Beijing’s deleveraging campaign, officials have been guiding the yuan higher against the dollar in a move that’s caught market watchers by surprise. After meeting expectations earlier in the year, the reference rate used by the People’s Bank of China to manage the yuan has come in stronger than the forecasts of four banks who regularly track the measure on 25 of the past 32 trading days.

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

ABNewsflash says():Well it looks like another article was posted about the float
larrykn says to ABNewsflash():in fb didn't see it
ABNewsflash says):not on FB,its in the forum
ABNewsflash says():Experts: float the currency needs to be a productive economy and not Rent
Specialists show in economic and financial affairs strong rejection of the proposals ,which proposes to float the Iraqi dinar to reduce its value for the US dollar, and stress the importance of changing the balance ofpayments deficit and adjust if it, in favor of the opinion of the financial advisor to Prime Minister Dr.

News, Rumors and Humor Late Sunday Night 5-21-17


Re: Article- Experts: float the currency needs to be a productive economy and not Rieia
Read full post here:  KTFA Members 5-21-17

Don961:  :   Mr. Saleh .... advocating for increasing rather than decreasing the value of the dinar .. he is our cheerleader

Aggiedad77:  Don, I thought that article looked/sounded slightly familiar.....couldn't find it....then felt well maybe it was "similar" to another.....we so need a better search engine......come on RV we could use you now......I totally agree Saleh is our HUGE cheerleader.....maybe he has a KTFA membership.  Aloha    Randy

Blinkster:  Randy, looks like Saleh is saying everything except "WOULD SOMEBODY RV THIS CURRENCY?"  IMO it's pretty indicative!!

Aggiedad77:  Indeed Blink......he's attention.......stop chatting while I'm attention.   Aloha   Randy

Dinar Updates Sunday Early Chat   5-21-17  Part 2 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

Pablo says to DIGIman1 ()():I see Rayren is saying: The CBI has discontinued the release of un-circulated dinar outside of the country, more particularly the 3 zero notes. Lower denoms and fils are expected to "flow" on Sunday (Time will tell).
tycho says():BGG going to be an exciting night in Chat
ol lar says():About Searching 4 Dinar & Reader’s Thoughts
Anti-terrorism: we have one neighborhood left to announce the final victory in Mosul (details)

May 21, 2017 Walter  21-05-2017 08:17 PM  Baghdad News –The head of the counter-terrorism team, the first corner Talib Shagati, on Sunday, completed the axis of the device in Ayman Mosul.

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Dinar Updates Sunday Early Chat   5-21-17  Part 1 of 2

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

jd71647370210840598337 says():I wonder how long it will take for the currency dealers to run out of dinar if the CBI stops the sale of dinar? Either way,our investment should go up.IMO
BGG says():We shall see - eh??
jd71647370210840598337 says():Where there is smoke there is fire.IMO
Pablo says():Has the CBI actually stopped the sale?
Baxter1243 says():Dont know Pablo.... however.. there are sites now paying 1000 dollars a million to buy your dinar back...
Baxter1243 says():which I dont think has ever happened.. :)

KTFA Members "News and Views" Sunday PM 5-21-17


Aggiedad77:  FRANK......IMO big news here.....ability to repay debt.....because of credit improvement......oh yeah we heard that credit improvement stuff on a past CC.....but still they are speaking here IMO about something we all are interested in....

Because to see that credit rating ought to have something better than a Program Rate for this all to happen I would think....and there's talk here again about OIL PRICES pushing upward again....just what we want to hear and see.....borrowing internally.....they say.....oh that sounds like a CC topic.....wanna take it on.  Aloha  Randy

Don961:  Iraq confirms its ability to repay financial debt

Journal May 21, 2017

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