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StephenMac63:  I think the reason we are getting different prices and value of the dinar is because the websites that provide this get their information from various sources.

The grand poo-bah of the dinar value source would naturally be the CBI.  

Many of the websites that report these varying prices are prolly not connected to the CBI directly as the prices reflect that. They get their information downstream which might be current at the time but not at the moment when the website is visited.

There are so many financial reporting websites, forex based websites and with the value reporting being sporadic across the industry, its not surprising to see a fluctuation of the stated value.

Stick with CBI.

​Smoke, Mirrors, and Alphabet Soup
Mar 19th, 2012  by jblankenship.

In an environment of Ponzi schemes and financial scandals many Americans have lost trust and confidence in the financial profession; seems like there are some financial advisers that have been helping themselves, more than their clients.

To fight back against this trend of lost trust and skepticism, advisors are being more creative with credentials, some of which can be earned with minimal or no study and can be bought with a couple hundred dollars.
A quick look at the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s web site (FINRA) (http://apps.finra.org/DataDirectory/1/prodesignations.aspx) shows over one hundred and twenty different credentials being used by advisors to build creditability and trust.  I’m sure there are many more not tracked by FINRA.

Notes From The Field  By Simon Black

July 21, 2017  Spoleto, Italy 

What I’m about to tell you is a bit scary. But as you’ll see, it could easily happen to anyone. So please read this in full… and then go change your passwords. 

We have a friend whose email was hacked some time ago. It happened because, as many people tend to do, she used a very simple password for her email and logged in over an unsecure network, allowing hackers to easily grab it. 

What’s more, she used the SAME password for multiple other online accounts. So when the hackers obtained her email password, they could also access her bank account. 

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room                                           
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Friday 7-21-17   
Romello: I got something I found in another room
Spectra: @Romello put it up
Sergio: @Romello bring it

Romello: @Sergio From April but scroll down to bottom and look to the right.
Romello: @Sergio http://gcb.iq/?lang=en
Sergio: @Romello k
tman23: The Gurus keep pumping the line......International investors are lined up in Iraq......They are knocking the door down to get in !!!!!!! Iraq on the other hand is still talking about trying to attract foreign investment and give the investor confidence that things will be okay and their investment will be safe.......By Iraqs publications it doesn't sound like they are lined up at the door...... THAT BEING SAID; WHO DO YOU BELIEVE..... ???
Romello: @tman23 Only after economic reform.
Romello: @tman23 I for am interrested in investing in the ISX.
Duke77: @Romello that sounds interesting. That's probably where the real money will be.

Post From Peoples Dinar
PD Member News & Highlights 7-21-17
The prime minister’s advisor for financial policy, mohammed saleh, announced on thursday that iraq has completed commitments on the first stage of the imf’s credit-stand-off agreement with a number of stages, including 13 commitments under which it agreed to grant iraq a $ 5.3 billion financial loan.
Iraq and the international monetary fund signed an agreement in may after several days of meetings in the jordanian capital of amman to provide iraq with a loan of $ 5.3 billion at an interest rate of 1.5%, and iraq received a premium of $ 634 million last july.
“the first phase of the credit agreement with the imf included several reform requirements for the iraqi economy, namely performance standards, reform of financial management, reform of some laws,” said mohammed saleh, adviser to the iraqi prime minister for fiscal policy.

More News, Rumors and Opinions Friday Afternoon 7-21-17


Iraqi TV is broadcasting the governor of the CBI stating that victory regarding the economic reforms throughout all of Iraq will be in the next few days. (Woo Hoo!)

He also reportedly stated that the IMF support would cease if this completion did not actually happen. (Woo Hoo again!)

Citizens in specific areas can not confirm release of lower denoms, they are saying the supplementary budget must be passed. PM Abadi is projecting passing of the budget by the end of the month, however, Parliament is supposed to have it on the agenda tomorrow for consideration and disposition.

It is anticipated that once the vote is passed, the lower denoms and a revalued rate should appear. (Woo Hoo a 3rd time!)
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