October 21st 6pm

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"This May Happen" - Intel via OWoN Comment by Canauzzie 10-21-17

Word around the water cooler is:
If things go to plan this "May Happen" we will be working the week end trying. TRNs are so far being scheduled to go live at 2300 UTC+8 on 23 Oct 2017 (NOTE: Timing independently confirmed by our (withheld) source a couple hours ago).

Everything was approved at Moscow meeting this week! If things are disrupted, petrodollar replacement goes live Monday AM without the US.
TRNs are now fully approved in US. Plan is to run two US currencies for 2-5 years and then phase out FRNs at some discount (That will be a blood bath!!!).


IMO!!!!!!! Get rid of your programme rate!  Get with the PROGRAM!


In 2001, Iraq produced hydraulic cement, nitrogen, phosphate rock (from the Akashat open-pit mine), salt, and native Frasch sulfur (from underground deposits at Mishraq, on the Tigris River, south of Mosul), as well as clay, gypsum, lime, limestone, industrial sand (glass or silica), sand, gravel, and stone.

Iraq’s mineral resources are some of the most exciting and profitable in the world and – due to the turmoil of the past decades – largely untapped. The second largest reserves of phosphate rock are in Iraq next to huge quantities of natural sulphur, limestone and quartz-sand of 98-99% purity. Especially for the fertilizer and cement industries Iraq is a place of nearly unlimited potentials.


JesusLovesBaseball:  Media Office of the Prime Minister

15 mins ago
Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi announces an Iraqi vision for the future of the region based on development and security instead of differences and wars

Iraq throughout its difficult and successful experience in overcoming the threat of terrorism and division in which it did rose victorious, strong, united as a State, people
Iraq saw, from the sense of responsibility that, the countries and peoples of the region have many challenges and common goals, the need to put forward comprehensive initiative dimensions of development, basically economically, which that reshape the political relationship between our countries and peoples.


OldCrow: Weekends are a great time to RV. Let it happen!

Mangelo: if Abadi makes the announcement we are expecting then we will be ready to exchange this week!

Actech426: Expect the unexpected!

Lena: Iraq begins their 44th International Fair today. Do you think that is what Ray was talking about with the big fan fair, big flag and bleacher being set up in his Tweet early this morning????

Lilypad: lena --yes--lasts for 10 days--abadi in SA today

OKRocks: Abadi probably spoke at the Fair today before he left to Saudi Arabia, I think its interesting Tillerson will be there too… RIYADH (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrived in Riyadh (SA) on Saturday at the start of a six-day trip which will also take him to Qatar, a fellow Gulf Arab state which is in a diplomatic dispute with Saudi Arabia.(And Abadi)


Rich4hyip: By the way frank, they will verify the currency notes for sure when we exchange, do you think we have to make sure they do it in front of us , or is it ok for them to send it to somewhere else to verify it and give a deposit bill if they don't have the counting machine or the so called delaru ? is it really safe?

Frank26: IMO ............. You should NEVER leave sight of Your Dinars !!!

Go to a place where they do all of the transaction in front of YOU. Remember .................... NEVER !!! !!! !!!