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Mangelo:  I know things are done.....just waiting for the green the meantime I am exercising, enjoying my surroundings because we are just about to exchange!!!  

Look at it logically!!!! first we know all the news is old news!!! We know Mosul is done! They are bombing the southern borders of Syria,

Abadi has stated, all Iraqi's come on home! C'mon now! They are just getting their lives put back together now......that's why your waiting......

They are going to release the announcement soon..  it's been a slow roll out....that's all.

The fact that banks are now selling the Dinar is a big thing. it's a process that it's getting ready for us.....the truth of the matter is The PTB will decide when......

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Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Thursday Late PM Chat  3-16-17   
Josie says():Anyone familiar with Iraqi news service Alsumaria TV and news in Iraq? They have some interesting articles they are posting and was just wondering how legit they are.
magnetlady says):Wow Josie. No not really, but I'm sure the newshounds here would be. Thanks
Josie says():Article: "Iraqi authorities caught a truck loaded with 14000 iphones that entered the country without passing through customs first" If true, I find this interesting for many reasons.
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DELTA:   International Monetary": Iraq will face a large deficit in the budget of 2017

Publication of the International Monetary Fund , a report on the Iraqi economy, following the completion of the first review of the implementation of the standby credit agreement with Iraq, he said, that the Iraqi authorities will go to the tightening of fiscal policy in 2017 in order to lay the foundation, to correct public finances in the medium term, while at the same time on the commitment to the exchange rate peg and it protects the system of social spending, spending on health, education and support for food, agriculture and remittances to internally displaced persons and refugees.

The authorities also will take steps to strengthen public financial management and to stabilize the financial sector and its development.

"Leo Wanta Finally has his $27T" by Quiet Observer - 3.17.17

I have been a quiet observer for the several years I have been following the RV. I have never posted before, but I got some information today that really has me excited.

If you know about Leo Wanta or have followed his story this will excite you too. Watch the link from his website Eagle One to Wanta if you are not familiar:

Watch "EAGLE ONE TO WANTA 10 Minute Preview" on Vimeo:

I have a business partner that spoke to Leo twice last year about his movie coming out this year in 2017. He texted my partner today with news that the..........."2 million jobs he will create to build the high speed rail system around the country are good to go NOW!" 

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Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
MadDScout & Company News Time   3-16-17 Part 3 of 3
MadDScout says():((Trade Bank of Iraq is here, launching a new service. A certificate of deposit called "Deserve", along with the drawings and prizes recently started to draw in the chunky money and to get the average Iraq to a place of trust for and in the banksing industry.))
He Alheims, that "there are strategies developed for the success of a certificate (deserve), to maintain the integrity of any breaches or fraud, where he was working on locked her measures such as watermarks on the Iraqi currency," adding that "the interest of the contest is to encourage people to enter into the world of investment and protect their money from being stolen. "

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Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
MadDScout & Company News Time   3-16-17 Part 2 of 3
MadDScout says():Ted Z
" Are all the loans going to be paid back at todays rate or at the RV rate according to each country? If it is attoday's rate."
MadDScout says():They will be paid back to the country/agency in question at the amount specified, and rate is non applicable to the issue. I will say a stronger currency would have them paying less in paper (figuratively speaking), but that paper having the authority it needs to cover the debt, so the "rate" is of no issue except to Iraq and that for purposes of coming out to their best advantage.

  Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
MadDScout & Company News Time  - 3-16-17 Part 1 of 3
MadDScout says():Ok lets get going
MadDScout says to jetset():we have Jetset with us tonight hello Daniel
Okie Dinar says to subgirl():Yes (F)
1bobby says to subgirl():welcome aboard JetSet
MadDScout says():We are glad to have with us tonight Kathy, Bobby, Andrew, Daniel and Kaleigh
MadDScout says():Kaleigh do you have our rules?