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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Sunday Night 11-26-17  
Baxter: Kaperoni Article: "Delete the zeros priority" Author: Yasser mutawalli. [So who is Yasser Mutawalli and is he credible?] Appears to be an economist that is on top of the gov's reforms. Love this..."principle of reducing the exchange rate gradually to the extent that it can be equivalent to the dinar against the dollar," is an absolute necessity that they have currency reform and activate the banking sector if they want private investment. No alternative. So yes, it is urgent..

meatball: hopefully they read the article and get the point

By Maria Khalife 
February 25, 2017

We All Have Negative Habits We Can Do Without

If we want to stay fresh, youthful, and alive in this world, we can forsake some of our negative habits. Many repetitive habits serve to make us feel comfortable, and eventually lull us to sleep. 

​So, not all habits need to be removed, just the ones that will rob us of success and happiness. Here are some examples:

DR. CLARKE - OPINION: Higher & Higher, Thank You. We LOVE you. 

To all those who are Weary, Frustrated, Tired, Angry, DOUBTFUL & Critical - HAPPY HOLIDAYS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!

January 1, 2018 marks the Very Beginning, of a Brand New Year, like NO OTHER, in the past history of Iraq, that you know well as, some other countries. NEVER BEFORE.

The Very End of December 2017 will END, like NO OTHER, in the Past History of Iraq, that you’ve EVER seen previously.


We could just as well have faded away a long time ago, and never posted another word for Anyone. Poof! Gone, no problem, for there’s really no Logical Reason, we’re even here......and we still could. No Problem.

By Diane Wing 
Living as an Independent Thinker Can Be Hard

Being an independent thinker is not easy. These days it’s hard to know what to believe. The need to critically consider and personally investigate and analyze information is more important than ever.

Each of us is charged with being our own authority, with seeking truth and then applying it in a way that is appropriate for our circumstances. It is essential that we develop our instincts that alert us to when something is off, when something may be a threat, and then dig a little deeper to validate or to disprove that feeling.


JesusLovesBaseball: : Trade Bank of Iraq opens representative office In Abu Dhabi

Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) has opened a representative office in Abu Dhabi, making it the only Iraqi Trade Finance bank to have a presence in the UAE.

The wholly government owned bank, which holds 80 per cent market share in Iraq, has established its first international office at Abu Dhabi Global Market on Al Maryah Island. The prime location, at the heart of capital’s financial district, will further cement TBI’s international credentials as an effective institution with strong creditability in the industry and access to a global banking network.

By Kathy Custren

The words, “return on investment,” or ROI for short, have a deep meaning to those in business and who keep track of how “sound” an investment of money or services may be.

“What’s in it for me,” is another quasi-version of this same sentiment—that we have an expectation of seeing something positive as an end result or bottom line. 
Return on investment is seen as a tidy, logical, numbers-based ending that supports a plethora of business enterprises around the globe.


Don961: SOOOOOOOOOOO .... if understanding this correctly , The Appearance Mr. Saleh , Abadi's main financial adviser , is saying the problem with the value of the Iraqi dinar is that it needs to exceed the value of the usd .... to make it more desirable to use over the dollar ... imo 

Iraqi Government Priority 2018: War on Terror and Payroll ...

- 9 Hours Ago

Iraq and the Iraqis have been in difficult situations since 2003 at the political and economic levels. The CPA's economic objective was to turn towards a market economy, but it faced great challenges. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh, adviser and economic adviser to Prime Minister Haid al-Abadi, was the first of which was terrorism The biggest challenge to the Iraqi state.

The other challenge is the financial crisis