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DJ : The creation of bonds and how it fits in the Global Landscape.

Greetings, This brief will focus on the term “ pari passu “ ( Latin for 'in equal step' ) and its relevance to International Financial Documents and Sovereign Bond Debt and their liabilities

The pari passu clause has been around in sovereign debt bond contracts for a couple of centuries +. Through the 1800 and 1900 its use gradually increased but it was still a minority of all sovereign bonds. In today’s modern era there is almost no sovereign bond that doesn’t include the pari passu clause

Simply put, when the pari passu clause appears in the bond verbiage, all creditors must be paid equal and proportionately. You couldn’t pay one creditor and stiff another. This is important for all bond holders and gives them the entitlement to be made whole.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Sunday Night  1-21-18  

xyz: The budget of 2018 and its problems .. Absence of transparency and economic approach 


xyz: 1-21-2018 tman23 [...is it your opinion that RV will NOT happen until KRG and GOI issues have been resolved?] YES IMO...THERE MUST BE AN AGREEMENT TO BE UNDER FEDERAL CONTROL...The CBI needs the GOI to control and enforce certain laws and the Kurd region is just as corrupt as anywhere in Iraq...

​Dinar Updates – BGG & the NEWS – Recorded (Jan. 20th) Dinar News Call

Dial in replay 641-715-3639  pin 932875#

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From DinarUpdates.com


Stand4Christ: Let me point out a few things out of these pictures !!! (see article below)

First picture, we can clearly see the blown up version of new version of IQD 10K, 25K, and 50K going from left to right on the glass wall

Second picture, similar, new version of IQD 10K and 25K on the glass wall

Third picture, of course that's the old IQD 5K at the far left on the glass wall; BUT, the one they are holding .... magnify it, and READ the corners of that note .... it is the number ONE written in Arabic form (compare that shape of "1" with the "1" that is written on our IQD 10K note on the Arabic side, they are the exact same shape and font)!!! That is IQD freaking number ONE ... a completely new note !!!

We WON indeed !! 

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - January 21, 2018

The Alliance detects no signs of Cabal/MIC activity since Japan's false missile alert on Jan. 16.

5 days of silence on the war front.

The Alliance will continue to monitor the planet for unusual activity to ensure the Cabal/MIC do not succeed in another 9/11 type event.

The Cleanup of corruption in banking and politics is still in progress.

Once the corruption cleanup is complete and it is safe to proceed -- the Chinese Elders will receive the blessing to give the final authorization to the individual in charge of the final code sequence.

This individual will then enter the codes into the new financial system thus unlocking the funds required for the RV.