April 12th 10pm

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Group Discussion News Exerpts & Highlights 4-12-17

Post From Currency Chatter
Group Discussion News Exerpts & Highlights 4-12-17
Goldnugget says:      Economy    Business And Markets
Monday, April 03, 2017   Currency Revaluation a Two-Year Process
Executing currency revaluation in Iran by removing one or more zeroes from the rial will require conditions that will not materialize for at least another two years, the governor of the Central Bank of Iran said.
“We have had no directives in the Cabinet to remove a zero from the currency and that is not on our agenda,” Valiollah Seif also said in a talk with Mehr News Agency’s website.

Dinar Updates Wednesday Early Chat   4-12-17

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Wednesday Early Chat   4-12-17
ol lar says():Interesting CBI announcement title this morning, needs translation badly.
ol lar says():To / broker buying and selling foreign currencies all companies (internal conversion) Form 04/12/2017
BGG says():GM GM GM!!
BGG says():How is everyone?
Doug_W says():top shelf here
BGG says():(y)
ol lar says to BGG():Time to call your buddy Melialore for CBI announcement
BGG says():Cool - where is the announcement?
BGG says():Ah...
BGG says():will get on it.

Detailed KTFA CC Notes From Mon. 4-10-17  Part 3 of 3

Part 3:  

Frank:  Also I believe the laws are in good position to support the HCL….I don’t see them amending them….I don’t see them cancelling them….I don’t see them trying to change the wording or anything…..I don’t see them changing anything with that HCL….let’s see what happens as more time goes by.
I want the Family to know that I did not give them the pay day(s)…some people are posting the 13th….the 15th…but I’ve made it pretty clear that I don’t want to be with you next week….because I don’t want to talk about what is going to happen next week….I’ll be on the forum….you will see me posting…but I don’t want to have a CC on Monday or Wednesday and as far as TEAM Chat on Friday I’m thinking twice about that….we may have to do TEAM Chat but we will see.
Yeah Family we are talking to you about many subjects….Zane and SIMS phone companies is how we started…..you know what….Iraq is trying to drop their 000’s….and these phone companies dropped their rates and we told you why….it is not a 90% increase of the Iraqi dinar….but it is IMO a 90% increase in purchasing power from that Iraqi dinar….

Detailed KTFA CC Notes From Mon. 4-10-17  Part 2 of 3

Part 2:

Frank:  Well you hit the nail on the head…..I talked about it in the video yesterday…..it is almost comical….excuse me citizens of Iraq…..yeah who are you….I’m with the Finance Committee here….I’m with the Monetary Reform and what we are doing….I would like to announce to you that we printed 11 billion 600 million currency….why….well we are developing these technical mechanisms to improve the value of your currency and give you more purchasing power…liar…no…no this is the truth….ok whatever…

And the citizens they may not trust them….but boy do we trust the fact that….this is amazing…this is a very small amount that in a very few days the GOI could blow through this money….and it is such a small amount we feel IOO that it is a reflection of the LD’s….that is a good indication that 1 to 1 is NOT what they are going to come out at….no way…

The fact that they don’t even tell you well we printed currency….what Top Value Stamps….S&H Savings Stamps…what did you do…..what did you print….well we are going to tell you….we are in the propaganda stage right now of the Monetary Reform to educate you citizens that have actually been the delay of the Monetary Reform