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Dinar Updates - Lots of News!! Round Table Call w/ Loop, Mr. White, and BGG

Audio Player from Tuesday 3/14/2017

Dial in replay  641-715-3639   pin 528733#

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40 Minute Call

“The Big Call” Intel Notes  w/Bruce 3-14-17  Part 2 of 2

Bruce: I am hoping the administration likes the concept what we are doing with Rebuild America and they want to partner with us at arms length and just be there to assist in the concept.
We are not looking for any Government money whatsoever. Not one penny. Everything we are going to do will be privately funded. I want everybody to understand that. What we are trying to do is do a program that is in parallel with what our President wants to do with making America great again.

“The Big Call” Intel Notes  w/Bruce 3-14-17  Part 1 of 2

Thank you PinkRoses for sending your notes.
The Big Call With Bruce Tuesday, March 14, 2017, Intel Only
Transcribed By Pinkroses
Bruce: Thank you everybody for coming in to the Big Call. We did not think we would be doing a call tonight. If you remember from last Thursday we were feeling very good. We are still feeling very good from what is going on. The timing with this is very good and imminent. I don’t use that term very often, but I would say we are imminent based on information that came out to me today.
Bruce: A shout out to everybody on the 4th and 5th floor for listening to our call today. Also to all of our international listeners from the Europe, Scandinavia, Middle East, Far East, Central America, South America, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia.

News, Rumors and Opinions Tuesday Night 3-14-16


MilitiaMan:  Looks like the Certificate of Deposit is not only for the TBI it is going to be used for reducing more note count by guaranteeing the instruments through selling of GOLD and Iraqi currency.... Not a bad thing at all. Bring Ye Citizens, bring Ye Chunky Triple Zero Notes!! lol ~ MM

Walkingstick:  Central: issuance of Islamic bonds next June

Adopted by the world's biggest banks to finance projects

BAGHDAD / Hussein Tgb 

Providing funding through Islamic financial instruments is soon after the central bank cut a long way in the journey that is in harmony with the wishes of the Islamic banks and enable them to transfer money supply storehouse of homes to the field of investment through Islamic instruments secured and away from risks.