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AnimatedRock:  So as I am thinking, I go back to some things I have been mulling over for a couple days now, and some answers in Q&A and TC (Team Chat)  that have been puzzling me, as they didn’t fit into my timeline how I was perceiving it.

The main idea that I began at was “they did something that benefited them

So I began thinking, “what could they do that would benefit them , without benefitting us as well?”

So as my mind wandered, I began to think of all of the dates that have been adding up recently.

22nd is the last day that the internet is out from 7-8am. There is another event that happens this day as well, if you have researched .

There is the 25th, and all that corresponds to it that we learned on the TC . The 25th is also the day that the ISX begins to be closed. There is another event that happens this day as well, if you have researched .
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Frank26 and KTFA Members Sunday Evening 6-18-17


Frank26:  From Months to weeks ....... Then to Days ........... Now within HOURS.

IMO ........... By Your next CC ........... Minutes to Seconds.

Iobey777:  Let's get ready to CELEBRATE!!

Jdufal1:  This might need to be expounded upon before imaginations go wild. 
I will assume Mosul liberation and not the other.

Senate Bill: Travelers Must Register Cash and Digital Amounts Over $10K or Face 10 Years in Prison and Full Asset Seizure
TOPICS:  Air Travel Cashless  Agenda Claire Bernish  cryptocurrency
June 17, 2017
A new bill seeks to track your money and assets incessantly, will enjoin any business with government ties to act as a de facto arm of DHS, and would steal all of your assets — including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies — should you fail to report funds when traveling with over $10,000.
Under the guise of combating money laundering, Senate Bill 1241, “Combating Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act of 2017,” ramps up regulation of digital currency and imposes other autocratic financial controls in an attempt to ensure none of your assets can escape one of the State’s most nefarious, despised powers: civil asset forfeiture.
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I am Sad   by Elmer 

I am sad for our country and our people and citizens around the world
I am saddened that principles and priorities have been tarnished and overlooked by egos and agendas
I am saddened because of the divide in our country and how that affects us all
I am saddened by modern  technology where actual communications between people are only pseudo and done by an app
I'm saddened by all those who are to busy to slow down and appreciate what one has instead of what one wants to get  
We still build the latest and greatest  neighborhoods yet few know their neighbors but know all the modern conveniences the neighborhood has to offer
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PD Forum News Excerpts & Highlights Sunday AM 6-18-17

MrsClassy:    PetroDollar System In Trouble As Saudi Arabia Continues To Liquidate Foreign Exchange Reserves

Posted by SRSrocco in Energy, News on June 16, 2017 --
The U.S. PetroDollar system is in serious trouble as the Middle East’s largest oil producer continues to suffer as the low oil price devastates its financial bottom line.  Saudi Arabia, the key player in the PetroDollar system, continues to liquidate its foreign exchange reserves as the current price of oil is not covering the cost to produce oil as well as finance its national budget.