October 31st 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Tuesday 10-31-17  

sandyf  People should be very wary of what gets said about currency exchange, including the simplicity.

Where I live currency exchange is a way of life and it is not that long ago that most of the exchangers had a notice in the window refusing to accept Russian and Indonesian banknotes.

My wife deposited some Yuan into her MCA with the Chinese bank and a few days later some of the banknotes were returned as they were a different version of the current series and the funds were removed from the account. These banknotes had to be returned to China for redemption.


TPNoble53: Frank, Thank You for last night's CC presentation. It was very helpful and focused. It sure seems this chapter of our study of the IQD is slowly coming to an end and a new chapter will begin.

Frank26:  There is an A Speech coming .............. That contains much and art8 with ch7 in it's core .............. That will open a Third Column .......... Where IMO an RI will be concurrent with or the Fact after if. These IMO are the Steps that will trigger off a Chain Reaction of Explosive Info/Advancement of the IQD's MR.............. Very Quickly.


CharlieOK: Just saw on the news that Pres. T is headed to Asia (China, Viet Nam, Japan, SK, etc.) for 10 days. Hmmm. Yes, NK is probably a big factor, but I see the 10 days as a sign for progress for what we are looking for. And don't forget the importance of $60 oil for the oil credits for currency take on the RV/GCR.

CharlieOk: I wonder if the attempt to get a tax bill passed by Christmas could be positive for us on the application re exchange of currency?

Red: I am totally cheerful and very upbeat about our investment, part of staying grounded is understanding the ups and down of this investment and remaining constant in our attitude that it certainly will RV, someday is, and at the same time do not become self deceived into thinking that every move in Iraq makes as a sign that it might RV tomorrow...jmvho I am saying this after 8+ years of being invested you do learn a few things along the way...

Rogue: RED; comfortable numb ?

Red: Comfortably numb, that's funny as well as being closer to accurate in the state of mind we should be..... I call it being grounded…


Samson:  The assets of Arab sovereign funds are $ 2.99 trillion in October

31st October, 2017

The value of the assets of Arab sovereign wealth funds reached $ 2.99 trillion in October, according to an official report released on Monday. 

This was according to an Anatolian survey, based on the assets of Arab sovereign wealth funds listed in the SWF Institute report, which specializes in the study of sovereign investments by governments and sovereign wealth funds. 

The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) is the leading Arab sovereign wealth fund with a total assets of US $ 828 billion and second in the world.

Kuwait (KIA) ranked second in the Arab world and fourth with a total foreign assets of $ 524 billion.

Saudi Arabia was the third Arab and fifth in the world with a total foreign assets of US $ 514 billion, which is affiliated with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA).

The assets of SWFs monitored by the report (78 funds), $ 7.518 trillion, issued by the Norwegian government pension fund, ranked first in the world, with total assets of $ 998.9 billion.

The Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) ranked ninth in the world with a total assets of US $ 320 billion. The Saudi Public Investment Fund ranked 11th in the world with a total assets of US $ 223.9 billion and Dubai Investment Corporation ranked 12th globally with assets of 209.5 million. Billion dollar


Happy Halloween Dinarland!!!

Emailed to Recaps:

Bluwolf:  MainSource informed all personnel to be ready to start the exchange process.

Let us pray that this be it finally. -Bluwolf