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U.S.News & World Report  Rebecca Lake    June 13, 2017

Confidence is an important quality for investors to have. Without it, they may second-guess their investment choices and harm their portfolio returns.

It's possible, however, to have too much of a good thing because overconfidence can be just as damaging if it leads to mistakes.
"The problem with overconfidence is that it doesn't last -- as soon as things go wrong, human nature takes over," says Aaron Klein, CEO of Riskalyze, an online risk analysis platform.


Bruce:  Good Evening, Welcome everyone to the Big Call.  I get a lot of information and I have to go through it and come up with sort of an overview before I bring it to you on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Usually the Intel is extensive on Tuesday night because we have had 5 days to gather Intel. Tonight might not be so, because we have had sources dry up. The bank sources have been told to lay low and be quiet. When we look at that it means quite a bit normally that we would bring from the banking world in terms of timing and rates is just not there today. We have a little bit, but not much in terms of that. What I do have much of is what is happening right now in Iraq.

Bruce:  In Iraq what we are hearing from people who are in country that they have begun their celebrations during Ramadan, for the release of Chapter 7 which has already been released. That was on Friday that they were released by the United Nations and given over to Chapter 8. They started their celebration on Saturday being with Liberation Day, and Monday Celebration Day. Liberation day was a day that indicated a new start of sovereignty, a return to the Iraq of old in terms of being a sovereign nation again that resulted from the release of Chapter 7. That was what Liberation Day was about. It also had to do with the liberation of Mosul which was liberated weeks ago. They have been working on the infrastructure over there. They already had done the house to house cleansing to rid Mosul of ISIS. People have seen some things in the news talking about the liberation of Mosul not being complete. It has been complete. You are reading something that was to be put out there to be inaccurate. 


Frank26:  i fully understand what i can and can not ................... SHARE ............ At this moment in Time.

After deep thought and Prayer ................ i wish to talk Deeper tomorrow on Your WEDNESDAY CC about what IMO happened with The MR process last night.

You will have to LISTEN with more than Your ears yet even The Man on The Moon will be able to hear us.

i INVITE You and Yours to come to Your W CC tomorrow ................ i would like to say .............. MORE.

Aloha KTFA FAMILY ................. Be Strong with God.

Reposted for our newest readers:

For the "Negative Nellies" who told us the Dinar is a Scam

Do you have anyone in your life that told you investing in Dinar is a scam?  Just show them this!

We've all heard from someone that investing in the dinar is a scam:

If there is a scam going on, it is the dream stealers trying to rob you of hope. In actuality, they are missing out on the blessings that come with dream building with one's spouse. That alone is very rewarding, and very telling, into how well two soulmates are really thinking on the same page.

 If there is a scam going on, it's the US govt, Iragi govt and UN holding back info ... delaying ... the invitable. But post RV/RI you'll be praised for your insite into this investment by the nay-sayers. (Hindsite investors).