May 16th 6pm

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Dinar Updates Tuesday Early AM Chat   5-15-17 
ol lar says():Got a new CBI announcement ,kinda strange IMO
ol lar says():. Alan / Central Bank of Iraq announced the end of the period of sale / Alosaddarah second national bonds
ol lar says():In all these years I personally doen't remember seeing an announcement ending a sale period of any bonds
Doug_W says():remember this IS Iraq afterall
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Frank26:  CC last night said ............... They will wait till the last nano seconds ..........Thursday of Friday when T leaves.............. Yup.

BlessedKate:  Then after Friday is Saturday then SUNDAY....   Wishful thinking?

Lisa:  IRAN presidential election on FRIDAY  

IRAN  RATES      !!!!  Iranian Banks to Decide Rates Next Month ( their Islamic month starts May 22)

According to Parvizian who is also the chief executive of Parsian Bank, the banks will meet in the early days of the next Iranian month (that begins on May 22)
( Thank you George for emailing this to Dinar Recaps to post. )

May 16, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today.     
I have a very short and brief news report for you today. I think also future newsletters will be planned to also be very brief. I can bring you all kinds of articles and keep them all coming but the news seems it will always be the same. In summary we know the issues, we know the FACTS and we know the next step. So it is all VERY optimistic and never, ever looked better for the RV.
As I have said before there are tons of information coming out of Iraq about the potential for investors and global investment strategies within Iraq. We have seen the banking and other economic and financial reforms. We have watched the planning and advancement against ISIS. It is soon time to pull the plug, end this saga and look more towards the future prosperous Iraq.



Greenclan:  THANKS DELTA..........IMO........MOSUL friday 19th......RV sat 20th.......TRUMP ARRIVES sun 21st....we wait and see.

Pmac:  Friday liberation... Saturday... SUNDAY NIGHT...What did F26 say?  ...So next week is a whole new ball game huh??  

SMN:  Delta - thanks for the TV quote!  Let's see.... announcement on Friday to the world and the Iraqi citizens via the Mosque.  Saturday get organized (Iraqi's work slowly - He He), Sunday quite RV so ALL banks can make coordinated changes.  Monday Frank tells the world, the RV is complete.  Let's think now, is there anything else... oh yea!  Start counting to 72 - 78.  Bring it on!!!   Ooops, left out that on Monday President Donald Trump takes a well deserved bow!
The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Dealing With Excuses

     by James Altucher

I didn’t have any money so couldn’t start a business. And even if I started one, I didn’t have an office, or clients, and I was too shy to cold-call clients. I didn’t have connections or rich parents or anything for that matter.

I didn’t have talent. I just got lucky. Nobody will hire me. I don’t have the right equipment. I couldn’t write a book because I had no publisher. I couldn’t do stand-up because I was afraid people would heckle me. I’m afraid to write a blog post often because what would people think?

All of my excuses turned out to be blessings in disguise. There’s always a gap between “what I have now” and “what I would like.”

TNT Tuesday UPDATE for May 16, 2017

Iraqi TV was reporting "final victory in Mosul in a couple of days" on Monday evening.
The Najar district is being stormed today. The territory map is currently showing all green with the exception of the old Mosul city district. This is the area of the mosque location that PM Abadi will plant the flag. This mosque is the former Isis stronghold headquarters site.
Isis control is contained in a 12 km square area.  Total victory is expected soon.... very soon. smile
Consumer goods and service continue to gradually decrease, the citizens are realizing a slight increase in purchasing power with promises of further increases in the coming days. (Now, what does that mean to you/us?)