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Samson:  Borders: Our revenues for the month of August amounted to more than 62 billion dinars

 3rd September, 2017

The Authority of border crossings, on Sunday, its revenues for the month of August, confirming that the revenues amounted to more than 62 billion dinars.  "The revenues of the border crossings for the month of August last recorded a large visit," said the head of the Ports Authority, Kazim al-Aqabi, in a statement received by "Al-Ghad Press". "The total revenues amounted to more than 62 billion.

It is noteworthy that the total revenues achieved for the month of July amounted to 37 billion from 6 land ports and the port of Basra airport and the port of Najaf.   LINK

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Saturday PM 9-02-17 
tman23: Kurdistan is ready to grow with is is secure....... and Nov 1 they will vote a new president and show the world democracy........
Certainly sounds like an opportunity for the ball wrecking crew aka Shia to start a conflict in Kurdistan .... they just don't like the idea of independence ...
AND I mean that for anyone, their own citizens just kneel and pray.....we will take care of the money and you......LOL





Rrrr wrote Here we are in September … No RV… It is natural to be discouraged…but… if you are paying close attention you know that things are happening very fast… faster than ever before… It seems like They (who are they?) are planning on the RV VERY soon… but SOON is a very relative term. There is more reason than ever to be excited. This puppy is going to arrive at any time. Nobody knows the checklist that must be completed for our Blessing to occur… Stay positive. Keep the Faith, and BE READY.

Sunny: CBI and the Iraq stock market, ISX are closed Fri and Sat. They will reopen on Sunday. That will be this evening, 11 pm EDT. Many eyes will be on those openings this weekend.

Sunny: Frank26: Abadi says that Iraq is resuming its leadership, international role, and they’re open for business. Not at a stinkin’ program rate, and not at Article VIII...

Sunny: Frank26: Abadi is screaming this inside of Iraq and the international world is hearing it; and, I’ll tell you another thing. A lot of dignitaries are flying into Iraq right now. They are going in daily... There are now...having direct flights from Kuwait into Iraq. Direct flights. Now, if you don’t understand the value of that, let me just say the word internationalism.

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Possible Bank Perks to ask for at your Exchange Appointment .
AUM - Assets Under Management

1. No fees ever for foreign currency exchanges

2. Provide a Private Banker/Wealth Manager at the time of exchange to initially park the funds in an non-interest-bearing account overnight and sweep those funds into other non-interest bearing accounts within your bank the following day; until I meet with bank advisers and other financial professionals and make some general guidelines for the management of these funds and the distribution of a portion of these funds through your bank, trust, and LLCs.

3. Family Office Services