March 15th 10pm

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From Recaps Comment Section :  Dr. Clarke 3-10-18 

Kim: Greetings Dr. Clarke! almost Fun Friday! Will you please come out and play???? We'd all love an update! BTW, are you aware of or even possibly working with Q and the Anons? Thanks for all you do!~Kim

DR. CLARKE (3-15-18):
Around 24?


The Ides of March begins -- will there be a significant event today? Maybe.

Alliance sources are claiming NESARA was no longer needed since last month (February) when Trump signed the revised Paris Agreement (behind closed doors).

GESARA is secretly embedded in the Paris Agreement. Therefore, NESARA (which was originally for the Republic) has merged with GESARA.

The announcement of GESARA at the U.N. will now affect the Republic along with the rest of the world amounting to a total of 206 sovereign nations.

The new financial system is part of GESARA law.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Thursday Evening 3-15-18  
Jeffery harrell: Do you guys think Indonesia currency is worth anything?
Spectra: @Jeffery harrell don't know go to their central bank and look
Spectra: @Jeffery harrell or do you mean later ? no one knows?
Jeffery harrell: Sorry I mean later
Spectra: @Jeffery harrell maybe
Spectra: @Jeffery harrell i wouldnt bet the farm on it
Jeffery harrell: Ok.. Lol thanks



Wn3: This IS hard to believe anyone outside of doing buss with Iraq would be interested in banking with them, at a program rate.

Frank26: UNLESS THEY PLAN BY THE 20TH TO .................... WELL.............. YOU HEARD THE REST ON YOUR CC LAST NIGHT (wink) WE WOW ................ I MEAN WON ...........LOL

Quietstorm: IMO, Don't think for one second that the UST is going to miss out on collecting these Dinars we wish to exchange when the rate reaches the point we want to exchange at. 

It will not only be the Iraqi banks listed that could be exchange points, but most all of the banks in the US are going to be guided by the Treasury to exchange so they can accumulate the Dinars and use them in "country to country" trade or "oil credits" into the distant future. ALL IMO.