December 16th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Saturday AM  12-16-17
TWW: @BREW Hey, if u have not seen the new lower denoms from Z, here is a ebay look at:
TWW: @Spectra My currencys r in my SD at my bank. 


StephenMac63: In the late 80s, there was a term called "Yuppies" and it was an acronym of Young Urban Professional of which they usually had a well paying job and a sense of fashion. Many drove "the car of status", back then it was the BMW in the Bay Area of California.

Many of these yuppies also learned about a book in their Business Major class called "Art of War" by Sun Tzu. This book spoke of principles used in battle that are also used in business, many similarities.

And they also learned of a man named Lawrence J Peter. Lawrence was the type of person that would see the irony of business structures, especially in corporations and came up with descriptive one-liners that still are in practice and recited today.

His most famous one-liner was......."In a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence"....meaning just because you know how to stock the shelves, run a register and have worked longer than the new doesn't mean you are a manager.


Mangelo: Good morning TNT family!!! I am expecting great news today!!! Hope it's our RV day today!

just remember to have your team in place first before you start spending your money or helping anyone....that's what was stressed to me by both CPA's and Financial Advisors last Tuesday

I will tell you this, on my meeting with the financial company I was served coffee in porcelain cups! Charles Swab served me coffee in a paper cup..... I pointed that out too them..... it was needed when I needed to make a point in our conversation..... the look I

Ify: regardless of the paper versus porcelain cups, which one is more likely to protect the principal, grow your accounts... compare what each is making on the front and back. cups are not an indicator of results and financial stability. caveat emptor of the bells and whistles

Mangelo: ify you mist the point....... you weren't there.... it's true what you say, but the point was to bring it up during my conversation on the topic that was being discus on investments. One is like a fine restaurant and the other is like a commercial business the fees play a big part in this.

Everything you need to know about the GOP Tax Bill

Here are key changes to U.S. tax law for individuals and businesses that have emerged from the final Republican bill that’s headed for votes in the House and Senate next week.

Individual Tax Rates

(Note: Individual rate cuts would expire after 2025.)

Current law:

Seven rates, starting at 10 percent and reaching 39.6 percent for incomes above $418,401 for singles and $470,701 for married, joint filers.


Seven rates, starting at 10 percent and reaching 37 percent for incomes above $500,000 for singles and $600,000 for married, joint filers.