October 6th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Friday Evening 10-06-17  
Doug_W: if U can't B nice B quiet I always say
BRipp: Read one of gurus notes saying when rv does happen going redemption ctr is going to make u payoff all debt before pay out.
BRipp: What if I don't to pay off my house at that moment. Anyone else read or hear this
Blackgold: @BRipp that sounds like a good thing, I want to live worry free from debt
Blackgold: @BRipp a house should not be considered debt
Blackgold: @BRipp or a car unless you are way behind in payments


Sheila: What a great time for a speech from Abadi to the citizens of Iraq

Samson:  Under the banner of (unite, free, work, we win) .. raise the longest Iraqi flag in Baghdad tomorrow (today)

 5th October, 2017

Iraq's longest-standing flag in support of the unity of the country will be lifted tomorrow in central Baghdad.

Where we will be a young elite on Friday under the slogan (unite, liberate, work, win) to raise the longest Iraqi flag in the arena of freedom in Baghdad in support of the unity of Iraq, and to strengthen the National Front to defend the unity of Iraq.

It is expected that the number of participants to carry the flag, which is 400 meters long between (300) to (400) people


Pmac: Well... T has turned into a meteorologist. A cryptic comment was made today... one that might spell... well... I'm certainly ready to "find out" what this storm is that he speaks!

‘Calm before the storm’: Trump baffles White House press pool

Washington (CNN)While taking photos alongside military leaders and their spouses before a dinner at the White House, President Donald Trump made an ambiguous statement, citing  "the calm before the storm."


MilitiaMan: So if we look at the timing of events and the knowledge we have from the plethora of information we have been freely given by many people to use for to find a foundation in our investment that imo is not speculative at all. It is in fact, based on hard data that supports the Iraqi Dinar is by far under valued.

We can look at not only natural resources, taxes and tariffs, agriculture, claw back of stolen goods and monies, and to soon be a booming in tourism industry, etc., that supports the value of an international convertible currency at a market rate.

The above should give security to those investors even more now. Their money and persons will be safe to move freely! The expectation of Abadi to speak now about full liberation of Iraq is greater than ever before, imo. ~MM