February 19th 10pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Monday  2-19-18  
chattels: 27 Hashd killed after clashes with ISIS in Hawija pocket By Rudaw http://www.rudaw.net/english/middleeast/iraq/190220181
chattels: " ........... ambushed by a terrorist group from the area disguised in military uniform, resulting in violent clashes lasting more than two hours,” the Hashd stated.
chattels: " ............ the Hawija pocket, an ISIS stronghold through the three-year conflict."
Hoss: @chattels might be a lot of this leading up to elections

Post From Dinar Updates
BGG News Highlights & Comments 2-19-18
Iraq prime minister promises corruption crackdown, says laws will protect nervous foreign investors
More than six months after Iraq’s leadership proclaimed the defeat of ISIS on Iraqi territory, the country is on a path to rebuild and has seen promising signs of international investment for its reconstruction.
“We are laying down all the legal framework … I think the worry is corruption, number one, which is hiding behind red tape and bureaucracy. We have established a higher committee which is headed by the prime minister and it has a follow up team to make sure to remove blocks as they are there because of the bureaucracy,” Al-Abadi said.


What has happened over this past 5 Days, is MAJOR.

What you CAN “SEE”, is perhaps the Iraq Budget being completed sometime this week, according to news & rumor sources……AND the Kurds agreeing to a “Deal”.

What suddenly happened to all that Money (chump change) Iraq was getting from the Kuwait Conference last week? ALL Questionable.

That’s what you CAN “SEE”.

What you Cannot “SEE”, is that it’s ALREADY BEEN DONE, signed, sealed & delivered.

What you CAN “SEE”, is - Why did Abadi go to Germany THIS Weekend?
Security Conference? THIS Weekend?


StephenMac63: Whether you know it or not, you are doing the exact same thing for your life that Abadi is doing for his country....Economic Reform and Security/Stability.

You took care of the Economic Reform portion of your life by purchasing the IQD in hope to get a very favorable return.

Now we need to take care of the Security/Stability portion. We know of the various postings about what to do when the time comes. get a trust. use a disposable cell phone known as a "burner", forward all of your mail to a PO Box, ect. Umbrella policies for lawsuits that "could" happen.

Cameras in the house but there is one portion of the Security element that hasn't been discussed.   Fraud.