April 8th 11am

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News, Rumors and Opinions Saturday AM 4-8-17


1azure: I had to go my bank in a small town its a wells Fargo they completely remodeled the inside...don't really like the scheme they picked... its baby poop yellow,  but any way there are all these cubes now with desks in them and sections...

So guess which section had a little stand and a sign on it....Foreign currency right as you walk in the door...never had that before

Im thinking why do they need that... they never needed it before, guess we will see... I hope soon...

Harambe:  Reuters: Baghdad says U.S. pledges continued support for Iraq's war against IS http://reut.rs/2oce1OB

Frank26 and KTFA Members Late Fri.PM/ Early Sat. AM


Shoppermom:  Hi all! I'm a shy old timer  I wanted to throw out a suggestion to explain how they are getting more dinars at the 1:1000 rate. I may be totally off base but this is how I processed it.

The rate at which they are paid now 1:1000 for accounting is different than the physical part of the MR which will happen to the LDs. Therefore, although the rate has changed for accounting purposes to be reflected in their pay, the amount of IQD/dollar they receive is the same.

For example, say they get paid 10,000 dinars per day at the 1182 rate (0.00084) in USD. 10,000 dinars* 0.00084 = $8.4. For that $8.4 they get $8.4*1182 dinars = 9,928 dinars.

However they operated in USD so what they physically had was $8.40. Now they still get 10,000 dinars per day at the 1000 rate (0.001). 10,000*0.001=$10 except this has to be converted to dinars now to remove USD. $10*1182=11,820 dinars.

Dinar Updates Friday PM Chat   4-7-17  

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

puffdragon says():Just heard we got all 59 tomahawks in the air before raining down on target ! WOW thats amaising to me.
Doug_W says():just hitting a target with that much precision is amazing from that distance
dinarmassa says():all hittng within 60 seconds, big boom
BGG says():That is big news.
woodywoodpecker says():Mad Dog means business
 rnrbus says():Doug.......them tommyhawks are just telephone poles filled with boom boom juice, huh!!!

Bits and Pieces in Dinarland on a Quiet Friday Night 4-7-17

From Footforward, Late Friday Afternoon, sent to Recaps

First off I want to thank so many of you for the overwhelming out pouring I've received since March 21st. I've received more positive emails in the last month then I every have the previous 6 years.

 I was sent a post from a dinar site today that moved me to tears. And I know it's time to do another call.

I do not have time today. But I do have things I feel I need to share. So I will do a call and release it sometime on Saturday April 8th.

For those of you who wish to reach me directly, you may email me at speak4him@hotmail.ca (please note .ca. not .com) or add me on Skype. My username is Footforward26.