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​Winning The Lottery Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be… Part 2 of 2

​Lottery Winners Who Became Millionaires, But Then Blew Their Fortunes In The Stupidest Ways Possible…

NEXT: How did this couple manage to go broke after winning this amount of cash?
In 1990, a poor married couple called Alex and Rhoda Toth won a staggering $13 million…

​Lottery Winners Who Became Millionaires, But Then Blew Their Fortunes In The Stupidest Ways Possible…
Have you ever fantasized about winning the lottery? I certainly have. There’s countless things us that Average Joes simply can’t afford – not without years of hard work and determination. But winning the lottery changes a person’s life overnight. However, it turns out that a lottery win is not all it’s cracked up to be…
The great thing about the lottery is that anyone can enter, and sometimes people who haven’t got a dime to their name get lucky. When you’re used to living off food stamps, a dramatic change in fortune can be difficult to deal with sensibly. These are the lottery winners who got too excited and blew the lot as quickly as they won it!

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Saturday PM 9-09-17 

MichelleL: what am I seeing? "(200,000 dinar or $10,000.00 USD)?" Sam where did you get that? Thanks
MichelleL: ok, never mind, back later :)
Sam: MichelleL: A few days ago I was listening to Currency 365 the deep-voiced man I don't know his name, but he reads articles from Iraq news. He came across an article which stated the Iraq government was now regulating how much dinar you may take with you when you leave the country, and the number was 200,000 dinar, but you were allowed to have up to $10,000.00 USD This does not necessarily imply that the rate is 200,000 dinar per $10,000.00 USD but it seems like a logical conclusion to draw.
Zig: Many things are misinterpreted....many articles are not accurately translated...many numbers are not correctly transferred from Arabic to English....decimal points and commas are often misplaced...the rate has not changed...


Frank26 video #1:


JesusLovesBaseball:   QiCard Key Card

11 hrs ·

The card will be delivered with two cards, one containing the third card "Master Key" and the second envelope containing the "PIN"

MilitiaMan: Looks good, timing is everything, especially when news could be weeks old now. ~ MM