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BGG News Highlights & Comments  5-1-18

Iraqi Supreme Court: Article 140 Is In Force And Must Be Implemented
The Supreme Federal Court issued a decision on constitutional article 140, noting that it is one of the important articles of the Constitution and does not die in any way.

The legal expert Khalil Mirani said in an interview with the official website of the Kurdistan Democratic Party that the Federal Supreme Court issued a few days ago its decision on the constitutional article 140, explaining that according to the court’s decision, Article 140 of the articles of the Iraqi Constitution is not in any form and must be implemented, he said.

Thank you Sunny!!


Sunny: Frank26 CC Update, Mon., April 30, 2018 "CBI Has Control"

FRANK26 KTFA Conference Call, Monday, April 30, 2018, "CBI Has Control"

(Excerpts only. This is not a transcription of Franks CC. All information is in Franks opinion -)

[Delta]:  Looks like they are ready to pull the trigger . . . Believe CBI is taking advantage of election confusion.  . .  They got the final green light.  They are about to do this.   

[Frank26]: The governing branch of GOI approved the modernizing of the banking system. In January, Feb. March of this year they completed the project.  The modernizing and reforming of the banking system was a requirement of the IMF.

Now there are articles out telling the citizens of Iraq (about this - the main thrust and point of Financial Inclusion week)

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Monday Night 4-30-18  

Future   Mtn Goat reply: Right off the bat Kaperoni is wrong, dead wrong as the current rate of the dinar is an artificial rate and has been called the “program rate” many times by the CBI. Where else in ** do you think we got this term? Do you think we just made it up.

Why else would the market refer to the Iraq as a rate then after October 2003 they refer to the rate only as 1 dinar equaling some amount of dinar i.e. 1 dollar = 1200 dinars

Second, the IQD is now a “fixed” currency whose value is tied almost strictly to that of one currency the US Dollar.