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International protection of Iraq's smuggled and frozen funds in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions

Hassan Karim Aati

Money is one of the elements of power for entities, formations and intellectual and ideological gatherings. The State is the most prominent of these formations, as a political entity whose recognition of its existence derives from international law and the recognition of States as political entities. 

These entities vary accordingly recognition, they are legal if approved by international law, and illegal if it is violated. It is also distributed to international, regional and local organizations. 


MilitiaMan: This is the most powerful post I have ever seen to date, imo. 9See article below)  WS what a piece it is! If this is not National Reconciliation, I am not sure there is any to be found.

Abadi has been to see all three in one flight. The accolades come from with not only red carpet but from the likes of Kings, Princes, Presidents, Emirs, the highest in the Regions!

Saudi Arabia and others have the keys for the future and that is support, that is given to Iraq through Abadi's leadership and ability to unit where sectarianism is now lost. 

They have successfully negotiated investment, industry, agriculture and importantly political and security files. They have retired the sectarianism!

They have found deep corruption in so deep and over $300 billion.. Yes, this is going to stun the world, and I''l bet in short order in more ways than most will ever imagine! 

Abadi has said he will keep digging.. I suspect the power house he is, it will to stun the world even more! ~ MM

​Post From IQDCalls Chat Room

IQDCalls Chattels & Tman23 Chat Early Tuesday AM 9-25-17  
chattels: US: Our 'historic relationship' with Kurdistan wont change despite referendum By Rudaw
chattels: ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The US state department has said that despite being “deeply disappointed” by the Kurdish independence referendum, its relations with the Kurdish people “will not change.”
chattels: Of course it will not and other nations will follow suit, IMO.
chattels: “The United States opposes violence and unilateral moves by any party to alter boundaries,” the statement read. The Kurdish officials, including President Masoud Barzani and Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani insist that the referendum is not to redraw borders. They say such issues, among others, are open for negotiations with Baghdad.


Highlights From Monday Night Conference Call:

Frank26 .. Abadi has been hard at work while the UN waited, all planned.

Re: Referendum vote: What the Kurds are doing is just a rebellion - the UN said no, and no means no .

The Kurds were caught stuffing their ballot boxes and the referendum failed, that is why months ago we said pay no attention to the Kurds - this was all planned

The 48 hrs are up - and Abadi is just about ready to make his speech/ or made it!

Abadi knew about the 25th months ago - he now needs to make a public speech that the whole of Iraq is now FREE, Welcome International world.

Then they go directly into article 8.