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Samson:  Video: Iran intervenes in Iraq to restore 'Persian empire' - Soleimani

3rd December, 2017  video on the link

Iran has intervened in Iraq's affairs to restore the glory of the Persian Empire, Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps' Quds force leader, said in a video obtained by The Baghdad Post on Sunday.

He added that Iran's hostility towards Iraq is not new as Iran destroyed the infrastructure of several areas in Iraq, killed millions of innocent Iraqi civilians to achieve its plots in the region.

He continued that Iran's aim is not only occupying Iraq but expanding its influence in the region as well to revive the alleged Persian empire.

The Iranian Mullah's regime plots is to carry out demographic changes in the Sunni areas, exploiting the deteriorating security situations in the Iraqi cities and the high tensions in the Middle East to create Shia majority and rule the Arab territories.

By Mohisha Vasa M.D.

Who hasn’t received that gift…a really bad gift…the vacuum cleaner, ugly sweater, or pack of batteries? None of us has escaped the experience of receiving a gift that is unwanted. We all know the disappointment, the letdown, sometimes even anger towards the gift-giver!

As the holidays approach, well-meaning friends and family members may similarly give our children gifts that they just don’t like.

​Our kids may want a stuffed animal but instead receive a pair of socks. Or they might have been hoping for that cool new remote control car, but instead receive a pack of pencils. How do we help our children accept unwanted gifts with grace instead of a grimace?

"New Information" - Anonymous Intel Update 12-3-17

Some new information: Now that the quantum system has reached it mark, a plan has been set into motion.

The 800 number we have all been waiting for will be released in a PUBLIC statement along with other important announcements (gold standard?). In other words, it will not be released to certain intel providers first.

The general public, and us, will all find out at the same time. I do not have details on how this announcement will be made, or by whom. Just know that the plan is in motion, and all will be resolved very soon.


Samson:  The Governor of the Central Bank signs the Agreement on Governance Services
 3rd December, 2017

His Excellency the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali Mohsen Ismail signed an agreement with the International Finance Corporation (IFC)  of the World Bank.

The agreement included the organization of training courses for employees of the Central Bank and the banking sector in governance services.

Written By James R. Doty, MD 

"it is through the heart that we are connected with others."

It is indeed a paradox that so many from what are considered developing countries wish to come to the West, where we have an epidemic of depression, isolation, and loneliness, while the U.S. alone consumes 25 percent of the world’s resources.

However, it is often these “third-world” cultures th.ds of years, while our own history spans a few hundred years.

By Marcia Sirota MD


Let me explain why love will heal the world. I was just reading this weekend about the likelihood that there will soon be a mass extinction of many animal species.

Scientists are stating that this global devastation is being driven by humans: the result of years of climate change – a problem which we human beings have been denying or ignoring for as long as scientists have been talking about it.
It breaks my heart that we’ll be losing our biodiversity, and it scares me to think of the implications for the planet.