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Stephenmac63:  The quietness of news reminds me of a meeting that just finished and everyone is leaving the room tight-lipped. It's not that nothing became of the meeting or nothing was said.....but wow, the silence of the attendees sure speaks a million words!

Upstart:  They did it again    Currency Auctions Announcement No. (3462)
Auction today was for Monday.

Frank26:   They sure did............ And Your CC's last week told You why they do this . Notice how the internet doesn't even know this .......... Nor STUDIES this......(wink)

2Berds:  Hey Abadi we are wanting to hear news of how you celebrate a country's freedom from terroriists.  Then we want to see how great your country is internationally.

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Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights


he said Prime Minister Dr. Haider al - Abadi said the unity of Iraqis in the face of terrorist gangs Daesh contributed to achieving victories.

This came during his speech at the meeting with the leaders of the popular crowd and eat breakfast with them, where he blessed them victories achieved in these blessed days,

which coincides with the anniversary of the launch of Sayyed Sistani 's fatwa Ulkipaia Jihad in order to defend the country and the citizens that have contributed significantly to the victory, stressing that today the door is closed , which came from him Aldoaash across the border as these areas were not under the control of previous governments.

Post From Dinar Updates

Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

George says:    With Chapter 7 Lifted, Iraq Regains Control of Its Own Economy
By Rudaw 7/7/2013

According to Iraq’s energy plan, oil exports are expected to reach six million barrels per day (bpd)  by 2017 . AFP photo
By Goran Mustafa

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The lifting of Chapter 7 sanctions last month can be considered one of Iraq’s biggest achievements since the ouster of Saddam Hussein a decade ago, allowing Baghdad to regain control over its own currency, oil and economy.

Post From Peoples Dinar

PD Member News Excerpts & Highlights Sunday AM  6-11-17

MrsClassy:    Is the killing of al-Baghdadi?

Security scene Sunday June 11, 2017

The newspaper "Mirror" British announced the news of the killing of the leader of the "Daesh" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, an air raid carried out by the Syrian military aviation yesterday on the city of Raqqa.

The newspaper said in its report followed the "Sky Press", "The leader of al-Baghdadi Abu Bakr Daesh killed Saturday airstrike in Syria, according to the reports have not been verified in the government and the Syrian media."

The newspaper pointed out that allegations of widespread allegations in the local media that al-Baghdadi, leader of the "Daesh" was killed in an air strike yesterday, adding that the media belonging to the militant organization published photographs showed the widespread destruction caused by shells and huge explosions rocked his stronghold in tenderness.


1Azure: I think it's going to be some more time I think Mosul is not done

Yada:  Remember, in April the WB and IMF wanted it done then meaning they released the ground work for the Monetary Reforms in Iraq,,,Iraq wanted the Mosel issue resolved first and it is, so Im expecting the release right away,,no further delay

Rtjerry:  If those in power are looking for total peace within Iraq before they allow for the RV, then we will never see it in our lifetime. Hopefully, the benchmark is lower than that.,,

Yada:  There are things that needed to be done in order to keep the country and the investment of the other countries from being wasted. And to be honest , this process kept other countries from taking advantage even of this as well. So the handlers did an awesome job. So all of you get ready to be increased.

The Right Way to Handle an Inheritance

By Kira Brecht

If you are fortunate enough to receive an inheritance, buy a nice bottle of Champagne and toast your benefactor. But then institute a cooling-off period before you start spending, financial advisors recommend. 

A new car, vacation or kitchen renovation may be in your future, but make sure you carefully assess your financial picture and retirement planning goals so you can maximize the inheritance for your long-term financial security.

"Say, 'I'm not going to do anything for three months.' Develop your plan. Don't react emotionally," says Ann Minnium, a certified financial planner and founder of Concierge Financial Planning LLC, based in Scotch Plains, New Jersey.