November 29th 6pm

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Frank26:  When we are criticized NOT for what we SHARE ................. But the ARRIVAL of it .............. i become even more Reclusive.

We told You ............ On SATURDAY ............The 25th of November ................ A will make a SPEECH .......... That has been ready for DAYS.

With all this UNFOLDING of the ROSE ............... Many have forgotten that the next part for us at KTFA is that ................. WALKINGSTICK said he would leave.  Indeed

Yes ............ We are STRESSED for what we know and can not say.  But not today.
Once again with no fault of anyone .................. My KTFA KONA is missing things of ............ VALUE.

Tonight on Your WEDNESDAY Business Promo CC ................. There will be none.
Because i more care to ............. Now SHARE other things of ..................... VALUE.
Because we can.  With no Stress.

WALKINGSTICK ........... TY SIR FOR THE REPORT ................

Affectionate Aloha .................. C U tonight on a Pack Filled CC \m/  


Samson:  The increasing Kurdish claims of the central government to account for the corrupt, headed by Barzani

29th November, 2017

Kurdish Change Movement confirmed that corruption in Kurdistan exists and has been inherited for years, while Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called for the inclusion of corrupt officials in northern Iraq in the campaign against corruption, headed by Massoud Barzani.

The  leader of the Movement for Change Saber Ismail, on Wednesday during a press statement followed by "Trend Press"  that "corruption spread throughout all joints of Kurdistan, especially as the Kurdish street knows well and most of the Kurdish parties are well aware of the magnitude of corruption and large.

He added that "popular cries have increased and increased significantly in the political and popular circles to hold accountable the Kurdish officials, especially Massoud Barzani party."


​The Problem With Seeing Only What We Want To See
By Marcia Sirota Md

Do You Notice Warning Signs, or What Only You Wish to See?

I’ve been thinking about how it’s human nature to see what we want to see and ignore anything that goes against our expectations of how things ought to be, or how we want things to be. We’ll miss something that’s staring us right in the face if we don’t want to see it.

In my office, my patients always come in and walk toward the chair they’re going to sit in, and then they turn around to face me.

by Michelle Butt

Countries have them and defend them fiercely. Basketball courts and soccer fields have them and they are fully respected and enforced. Banks, homes, and even parking lots have them. Yet so often, these are what we, as human beings, struggle with the most: boundaries.

Yes, boundaries are relatively easy to define and hold physically, yet so much more difficult to define and hold personally. Now, are we as vehement and intentional with our own personal boundaries?

Compiled 12:17 am EDT 29 Nov. 2017 by Judy Byington

A. Nov. 28 2017 The Big Call, Bruce: replay 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. Iraq started celebrating last Fri for four days of celebration in "Iraq's Victory Week" that ended today.

2. Iraqi PM Abadi made his speech last Wed. and yesterday about the liberation of Iraq. It will be published in tomorrow's Gazette Nov. 29, perhaps with the new rate.

3. The new SWIFT system integrating the computers in China to the rest of the world that makes the transfers in 58 seconds is in place and ready to do wire transfers starting tonight Iraq's midnight Nov. 29.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Wednesday 11-29-17  

chattels: Kirkuk’s new administration revives notorious Arabization process By Rudaw

[pm]Doug_W: GM "C"

chattels: @Doug_W gm

chattels: SULAIMANI, Kurdistan Region — The capture of Kirkuk by Iraqi and Hashd al-Shaabi forces in October has reportedly given way to the revival of the Aribization policy once designed and practiced by Saddam Hussein’s regime that settled thousands of Arab families from southern Iraq in disputed territories.


Don961:  Awesome DELTA !! ....  ....

Is it a coincidence today's newspaper has an article titled "Balanced Budget" ( Post 10 ):

"This reference is marketed and we are living these days laboring to approve the general budget for 2018 and I think it will move a lot between the government and parliament, and if the balance of accounting has become the past as well as inability to achieve because it was built with a deficit exceeded (22) trillion Iraqi dinars due to difficult economic and security conditions

On the other hand, we set a goal to remove the economic imbalance.

Yes, there is an improvement in maximizing non-oil revenues in the budget, but the challenges at the internal level are still large as it is in the mobilization to reject the privatization of the collection of electricity and the external challenges by the international financial institutions also difficult in light of the importance of maintaining confidence in the Iraqi economy, This budget could be a breakthrough New. (wink)