October 18th 10pm

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​Notes From The Field By Simon Black
October 18, 2017  En route to the United States

Own This Currency [No, It’s Not A Cryptocurrency]
With the nearly daily moves to record highs among the hundreds of cryptocurrencies that currently exist, talking about ‘regular’ currencies seems as out-of-fashion as that hideous shoulder pad trend from the 1980s. 

[Millennial readers:  see here if you’re confused.] 

But there are actually a few currencies out there worth talking about right now. 

And top among them, especially for anyone holding US dollars, is the Hong Kong dollar. 

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Wednesday AM 10-18-17  
xyz: Iranian official: Iraqi government can enter Erbil easier than Kirkuk https://translate.google.com/translate?u=http://almasalah.com/ar/news/115850/-
Apple: Does anyone have a list of the redeeming centers for ZIM? Where are they? What states? What cities?
Clay: @Apple Zim is no longer used
Clay: @Apple I have some and it will never be used again sorry
Zig: @Apple : :Welcome Most think the Zim is worthless....Sorry....please disagree if you wish....all opinions welcome in this chat room....
Zig: Anyone know why "Tman23" stopped posting here??....if you can contact him please ask....TY


AuthorSamOliver: A New Bank Story this Morning

I just came back from my banker this morning to talk and order some more VND. I was at 5/3 and able to buy some more, but a friend of mine in Ohio was told at 5/3 where he banks they were out.

I noticed my transaction taking longer today, so I inquired about it. She told me they were learning a new system today. She also told me what took so long was them, and not, the system.

I shared that I heard a new system was coming to the banks that was much faster than the old system. She told me, "Oh yes, it is much faster." I further shared, "I hear it is much safer as well."

She said, Yes, it is."

Funny what information you can get when you have a casual conversation. 

Dinar News - Q & A Conference Call w/ BGG and Company - Audio Player from Tuesday October 17th 

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48 Minute Call