November 24th 10am

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Compiled 12:01 am 24 Nov. EDT by Judy Byington

A. Nov. 23 2017 12:25 pm EST GCR Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 23, 2017

How optimal would it be to receive the 800#s at 11:59 EST tonight Nov. 23 and begin the exchanges on Black Friday Nov. 24? May all your wishes and dreams come true.


Don961:  2 days ... why that takes us to ........ (Saturday)

Al-Sari: Two days separate us from the announcement of the liberation of Iraq from a full-fledged

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(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The leader of the Jihad Brigades affiliated with the popular crowd Hassan al-Sari, the elimination of gangs and the full support of the terrorist in Iraq during the next two days. 

"Large clearing operations were launched this morning to clear the desert between Salahuddin, Anbar and Mosul from the remnants of the Da'ash terrorist gangs, with the participation of 14 brigades from the popular crowd and the Iraqi army, federal police and Iraqi army aircraft," al-Sari told AFP. 

"The area is wide ranging from Tartar to the Iraqi-Syrian border and thus was a safe haven for terrorists with every operation," he said. 

By Martha Beck

If you’re feeling gloomy about the holiday season, Martha Beck has some illuminating advice.
“Blue Christmas” isn’t just an Elvis song. Many of us tend to despair during the holidays—and here’s an unsettling factoid: More people die in the ER on Christmas or New Year’s Day than any other dates on the calendar. 

​People also get depressed and die during Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Pancha Ganapati (the December celebration of the elephant-headed Hindu deity, Ganesha), but epidemiologically, Christmas takes the fruitcake. Can I get a “Bah, humbug”?

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By Nick Polizzi  Founder, The Sacred Science
It may seem counterintuitive to feel grateful when things are challenging in your life. But what if this emotion became more than just a reaction to good news and was something we felt all the time? New research is showing that a gratitude practice doesn’t only make you happier and more fulfilled, but can also save your life...

Did you know that it’s almost impossible to be upset and grateful at the same time?

It’s one of those universal truths that is easy to prove – just try it yourself. Being thankful flips a switch inside of you that clears out any negative feelings you were experiencing a few moments before.

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Members welcome Iraq’s firm intention to resume formal WTO accession negotiations


17 NOVEMBER 2017

Rich4hyip: imo.wto is ready to receive iraq as an official member, negociations of many rounds may about to begin, does that process take years as articles said. not to relate it to our timing,just wondering.  

StephenMac63: Have always questioned the "Informal meeting". Nah, something happened. You never hang out with a representative of an electric company, or the water company, or your insurance provider. Total downplay.  

Rich4hyip: right, i never didi that, neither would Iraq (big grin)

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Thursday Evening 11-23-17  

Baxter: Article: "Central banks contribute to economic balance" Quotes: "government with the involvement of the central bank in determining the exchange rate policy will lead to the occurrence of the difference or contradiction between the purposes of the exchange rate, and between the other monetary purposes , which both the bank and the government seeks to achieve."

"an attempt to link the independence of the central bank and exchange rate policy found a place in economic studies, especially in light of the free exchange arrangements or floating..." THIS LOOKS TO ME LIKE THEY HAVENT EVEN MADE THEIR MIND UP YET ON WHAT TO DO... MAYBE NEXT YEAR..

Watcher: Perhaps... but thay doesnt mean they cant or wont i. A matter of minutes! Keep your chin up folks! It's closer than we think.

Dave: @chattels have you read the article that Iraq issued 30 some arrest warrants on corrupt officials?

chattels: @Dave No, I have not seen that article.


JesusLovesBaseball:  Basra International Oil & Gas Conference & Exhibition

05-07 Dec 2017

Fairgrounds Basra International, Basrah, Iraq

Being officially supported by the Ministry of Oil, event had great impact by being the foremost platform of the the oil & gas industry of Iraq with both its exhibition and conference sections. Having 411 participant companies, 2nd Basra Oil & Gas has been headed for a record.

Top 7 sectors in the event were: Oilfield, Gasfield Equipment & Services, Construction, Measurement & Automation Technologies, Drilling and Well Servicing, Tools & Electro-Power Equipment, Transportation & Pipelines and Refining, Processing and Petrochemicals. Geographical breakdown of the exhibitors by region is as follows:

48% Middle East, 36% Europe, 8% America, 8% Asia / Australia. 2nd Basra Oil & Gas hosted many of the leading companies in the industry, including: Samsung, Mitsubishi, Cameron, FMC Technologies, Tenaris, SGS, CNPC, Emerson Process Management, General Electric, Honeywell and Siemens.      LINK