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Alpha13: Iraq wants to attract businesses to the country to build economy: schools, hospitals, bridges and roads, they have re-vale their currency, no one is going to work or invest in pennies. Who does that make sense to.

Yada: Agreed alfa,,,investors are lined up to start if not already there preparing. Will be a wonder when it is completed.

Dinara: The bottom line is that Iraq will revalue and they did say it would be crazy at the end. We must be getting close because everyone and everything is crazy!

Lifetalker: In case anyone in this room forgot, October is the month of harvest! This is the month that you not only will harvest money's but your dreams.

Eccle519: Abadi has the advantage with KRG's oil and airports...no military intervention necessary as outside countries won't fly in now and Turkey will only pay Bahgdad. But Kurdistan (Barzani) sure got their point across

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Saturday Night 9-30-17 Part 2 of 2

tman23: Sept-29-2017 Media Office of the Prime Minister Dr.Haider Al-Abadi reaffirmed that Iraqi Government preserves rights and gains of all Iraqi Citizens including Kurdish People, while the Government assured their rights in any made decision.

While we referred to that the Government controlling over air and land border in Kurdistan reign, is not for propose to make embargo or starvation citizens in the reign, as some Kurdish officials claim and spread a propaganda.

It is a government procedure and Federal agencies to monitor goods import, export and individuals in and out process in the reign, as it is implementing in all Iraq crossing borders, which grantee text payment and preventing of corruption.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Saturday Night 9-30-17 Part 2 of 2

tman23: The provincial council of Dhi Qar in south of Iraq decided on Saturday to expel over 1,000 Kurds to follow the footstep of Baghdad’s growing sanctions against the Kurds. Citing a Kurdish resident of the province, The Baghdad Post said that the majority of the Kurds in Dhi Qar was born there, and it is illogic to force them out.

According to local sources, the provincial council has given them 48 hours to go back to Kurdistan Region. Most of the Kurdish population in Dhi Qar work in the public or private sector or they run their own businesses.........

chattels: @tman23 Astounding. The Kurds have been hospitable to millions and this how they are repaid ?

tman23: ......AT A REAL CROSSROADS.... !!!!!!!


Tpnoble: Article: IMF STAFF CONCLUDES VISIT ON IRAQ   30th September, 2017

IMO, Due to recent events in Iraq, this meeting in 2 weeks appears to have a lot more significance than previously anticipated?

I know it is always important any time Iraq meets in D.C. with the IMF but with all of the "unfinished business" (chap 7, HCL, etc.) it seems to have heightened the stress level considerably with all participants!

Hopefully parliament will step up & Barzani gets back in line, in short order?