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More News, Rumors and Opinions Friday Afternoon 3-31-17

StephenMac:  RE:Iraq is the Best Country in the World.   Link

Once I read this I knew that it was, as mentioned by another poster, a satirical piece. Because if it was so there wouldn't be any conflict in the region at this moment and there is no way they all are going to forgive all and move on.

But it does bring up another thought. While it may be a satirical piece now.......who is to say that the premises isn't possible for the future?

I remember another speech that could have been considered a satirical piece about a dream right here in our own country by a fellow named Martin Luther King Jr.

Jay:  I would and did agree that this was a sarcastic article.  What changed my mind is that Frank added it to the Final Articles thread.  He would NOT have done that if it was a sarcastic piece, Imo.
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Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights
Dinar Updates Friday AM Chat   3-31-17  

jd says():What is the chances that Kurdistan will cause problems on their nationalisum ideas post Mosul and through a delay in our RV timelines? Any thoughts?
Doug_W says):Who can predict Iraq's actions?
jd says():From Abadis plee to the UN,it would appear that they are still in some form of chapter 7,not really independent yet.IMO

Doug_W says():So it appears

Greenclan: RE: Article:   Abadi: we need high oil $ 17 above the current price


ComingSoon:   Wow! Past tense. HAS ENDED.    Theres a lot in this article!! 

"At the same time, stability has returned to the country and there is no fear of any security disturbance after today"

Walkingstick:  April 1.......Iraq is the best country in the world
( Thank you George for emailing this to Recaps. )

March 31, 2017 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,
I bring you much news today.     
Well we are at the end of March already and we are now moving away from EARLY 2017 timeframe. Still no RV.
So what happened?

We all should be aware by now what happened and why the CBI will not move forward with the currency reform (the part we want anyhow) until there is STABILITY and SECURITY in Iraq. The aspects must be at levels needed for this to occur.    By now all of us also should understand what the CBI means by this statement. Remember Iraq must also get out of sanctions and the UN controls this aspect. It was posted in several news articles over the last year. If you are behind the curve in your understanding, I recommend you go back and read or re-read my past newsletters. (LINK)  I try to publish them three times a week to keep you abreast of this ongoing saga. I have explained it all many times already over and over again.