February 1st 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Thursday 2-1-18  

Blossom: GM Douggie poo poo beara friend of mine told me yesterday that her tax accountant said the taxes will be 15% if you have held over a year. Under a year is 35%. Gotta go to work. Love you

Doug_W: hiya T

Doug_W: that is capital gains delimination not currency exchange SORRY

Whitelions: or they could raise the value of the dinar

Whitelions: The Iraqi General Company for Cement is asking to reduce the prices of selling black oil supplied to its plants and stations 


St.Thomas: From Iraqi source: Abadi on tv talking to parliament saying the international world will not give any support unless we approve the 2018 budget...

There's a push to get this done all of a sudden.

USA freezing 600 million in electric transfers to Iraq due in instability and now all of sudden Abadi on tv saying he's ready to agree on what poi needs to get the 2018 budget passed ASAP ...

That's amazing isn't it ….cut off their money and things get done… Thank you Trump


ChrisC: Fantastic news Thomas!! I have been a general contractor for almost 24 years and there is nothing as good to get somebody to finish the job as holding back a check!


Samson:  Withdrawal of the license of the company Albayn to mediate the sale and purchase of foreign currencies

February 01, 2018

To // Ministry of Commerce / Companies Registration Department (pull off the company to mediate irrevocably sell foreign currencies and buy... Click here   


Tina: Wow!!! This is huge, IMO!

Frank26: LOL !!! .. ....... MISSED THE DEAD LINE DID YOU ? ............ LOL TOLD YOU !!! 


Mack6: From what I understand the Kuwait Conference is to encourage the investing in the reconstruction of Iraq. I'm not an expert by any means but, from a business point of view, wouldn't an RV encourage more interest or make others more willing to invest in the country's reconstruction?

Hammy14: Nice article, Don! (See article below) Iraq seems to be running out of time to satisfy the LL. Hopefully, they won't strike out a 3rd time in Kuwait, like they did earlier in Baghdad and Davos. Apparently, Abadi got chewed on pretty good in Davos. 

If he didn't know before, he knows now that NO ONE will come in and invest without the freedom of movement of capital. I find it hard to believe that they will continue to waste time and money with these huge conferences if Iraq won't play ball. IMO