February 5th 10pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Monday Evening 2-5-18  
blackgold: @chattels explain the exchange rate in dummy terms
blackgold: @chattels Baghdad selling dollars / 100 = price 123.650 dinars
Clay: @blackgold means no RV yet
blackgold: @chattels lol
Doug_W: any dummy knows that Clay
blackgold: @Clay lol
Clay: @blackgold ;angry
Clay: @Doug_W lol
blackgold: @Clay Is that $100.00 = 123.650 or $1.00 = 123.650

​Notes From The Field
February 5, 2018  Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile
This tiny corner of Rhode Island shows us the future of Social Security
The United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit gave us an interesting glimpse of the future last week when it ruled on an obscure case involving government pension obligations.
Ever since the mid-1990s, police officers and fire fighters in the town of Cranston, Rhode Island had been promised state pension benefits upon retirement.
But, facing critical budget shortfalls over the last several years that the Rhode Island government called “fiscal peril,” the state legislature voted to unilaterally reduce public employees’ pension benefits.

The 1% Rule for Creating All Habits
By James Altucher 
She kept throwing food at me. I was 19 and bought two tuna bagel sandwiches for myself for breakfast. That was the way I rolled.
We were arguing. She took a sandwich out of my hands and threw it all over the street. Tuna everywhere.
I bet the Old Man and the sea never knew he was catching tuna so it could lie dead in pieces in the street because of my ex.
Everyone was watching and sort of laughing. I bet everyone was thinking, "He's the man!"

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - February 5, 2018

Sources in the loop with the RV process have all gone silent.

No information is currently being given about the RV (at least not publicly).

It is suspected that a gag has been given to sources in preparation for the imminent RV release.

The Alliance is winning and the Cabal is losing.

Victory nears as each day passes.

These are great times, even better than 1776.

Keep the faith. It's almost over.

Operation Disclosure

Emailed to Recaps:

Chicago: "I'm just Realistic, I EXPECT a Miracle" - the DOW dropped 666 yesterday, among ALL of the many other 'indicators' signaling total global systemic financial collapse - think it might be 'a sign'? Monday promises to be VERY EXCITING....

We are "close" - watch what happens with the markets and the global financial system tomorrow/next day ;) Out with the old, in with the new.

PS - I've been warning people to get out of paper pensions and "markets" for years now....the 'timing' of these kinds of thigs is very tricky

Lots of folks talk about "the financial crisis of '08" - and thats nonsense. It started the 2nd week of January, 2007 - and to this day....has never "recovered"

Stocks, Bonds, Cryptos, Currency, Mass Arrests, EVERYTHING (ALL pretty much at once ;) ) I turned the TV on last night and saw peodophila being revealed now.....HUGE CHUNKS, finally