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Samson: Officially .. America gives Abadi "green light" to take the appropriate decision on the referendum of the region

24-09-2017 02:42 PM   Baghdad News -

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, in a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Haider Abadi, reiterated his country's rejection of the referendum in the Kurdistan region, stressing his country's support for any necessary steps taken by Iraq to preserve the unity of Iraqi territory. 

The office of 'Abadi' in a statement that 'the Prime Minister Haider Abadi, a telephone call from US Secretary of State Rex Tilerson' and confirmed 'Tillerson' according to the statement 'the position of the United States rejecting the referendum in Kurdistan,' stressing 'his country's full support for the Iraqi government In taking all the steps necessary to preserve the unity of Iraq '. 

"The international community commends the outstanding role of the slaves in the military victory and in the plans to restore stability and reconstruction of the liberated areas," he said, adding that "the people of Iraq and its valiant forces,

For his part, 'Abadi', on the 'clear and clear Iraqi government's position on the unconstitutionality of the referendum of Kurdistan', stressing 'to take all legal steps necessary to prevent the exposure of security and community peace and the unity of the country at risk'. 

He continued, 'Abadi,' that 'Iraq Egypt to accelerate the completion of the liberation of all territories from the clutches of terrorism and the preservation of the Iraqi border', praising 'international support for Iraq in the battle of liberation and reconstruction and stability   link

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Saturday Night 9-23-17 Part 2 of 2

xyz: Turkey extends troop deployment mandate, pressures Iraqi Kurds on vote

chattels: @xyz One of the mysteries / ironies of Iraqi political posturing is the curious current silence on the continuing presence of Turkish forces in Iraq ( Bashiqa ). Yada, yada, yada a year ago with threats of war / armed conflict.

chattels: @xyz One would think from the current haedlines that Erdogan and Abadi are brothers.

xyz: @chattels i believe they were to meeting on the sideline this week.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Late Saturday Night 9-23-17 Part 1 of 2
tman23: @Whitelions .......I disagree..... This is planned........This is something I have been calling for 2 years......Quite frankly I feel very good about the current situation...... Allow me to retract very good....and replace it with...GREAT and EXCITED....... We shall see ..... oh shall we see !!!

Whitelions: why if they lose everthing and have to start from scratch who dose that help not the people , only Baz and his people .
Whitelions: he wants a dictatorship
Whitelions: and you feel anyway you want so can I but at the end of the day we are peeeeons and only holders of dinar and they don't care how we feel or what we think


JesusLovesBaseball:  Iraq working on settling all UNSC resolutions - FM Jaafari
24/09/2017 | LOC00:28 21:28 GMT | Gulf News      LINK  

Jay: SAY BYE BYE to Chapter 7 IMO... Nice find JJ. 

IMO. Kuwait saying we are good UN. No issues with Iraq and Kuwait. We "Kuwait" can wait 3 years to be paid because we want Iraq to pay us with an International rate. WOWOWOWOWOWZERS...ALLLL IMO.....


​UPDATE: If You Live in These Nine States, You'll Want to Apply For a Passport Before December

Your driver's license just won't cut it.

Update, September 22, 2017:

If you live in any of the nine states that have driver's licenses that aren't compliant with the REAL ID federal security requirements, you'll want to start your passport application process long before the January 22, 2018 deadline arrives.


Walkingstick:  Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi received a phone call from US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Saturday.

Mr. Tillerson stressed the United States' rejection of the referendum in Kurdistan, stressing his country's full support for the Iraqi government and all its steps to preserve Iraq's unity.

Tillerson also congratulated the Iraqi people and their valiant forces for their impressive victories over the gangs that have fueled terror in recent battles.

The US Secretary of State praised the international community for the outstanding role of Dr. Haider Abadi in the military victory and in the plans to restore stability and reconstruction of the liberated areas, stressing the continued support of his country and the world to Iraq in the battle of liberation and reconstruction.