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Frank26 and KTFA Members Late Sat. PM "News and Views"


Gem:  Hello Frank with all the news rolling in are you going to be able to fit it all in on Monday's CC and how nervous is your ponytail about being cut soon?

Frank26:    As nervous as an Umbilical Cord..................  C U on a Powerful MONDAY CC.

Hootowl:  hey there big guy,,,,might you tell us a riddle on intel that we people might have something to think and talk about...

Frank26:  What is WHITE that is soon to be GREEN?

Blinkster:  lol....that 7% of MOOOSE-UL???

Fenway:  That part of the published map of Mosul that still shows Daesh occupying a large part of the right (west) side.

Frank26:  Yes................ Class over ....... C U on YOUR MONDAY CC ....... Pure Aloha

Dinar Updates Saturday Late Chat   5-6-17

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

diane1 says to subgirl():  NEED to talk to GOD with all this waiting around for this to come about they were supposed to do this iin middle of 2016, but got delayed, if they are going to delete the zeros than the DINAR needs a rate otherwise currency without the zeros are useless.
To become international and be digitial how can they do either with a program rates. there so many multi-million, billion dollar investors BANKS, OIL COMPANYS CITIBANK EXXON MOBILE they are in iraq to make a sizeable return on their investment just like we are.

Post RV Tips and a Seven Step Plan for Sudden Wealth

Re-posted for our newest members

When this happens … Do's and Don't !  by Sigshome

Do take time for this to sink in .

Do not be in a hurry or impulsive .

Do pay your taxs and tithes .

Don't tell anyone about your new wealth

Don't invest with someone before checking them out .

Do seek wise counsel from someone who excels in the area you need advice

Do make a life time budget and stick to it .

Don't think you can do it alone .

Do thank God for his blessing and use it wisely .

85 % of people will lose this money in 3-5 years ...

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Dinar Updates Saturday Early Chat   5-5-17  Part 3 of 3

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

​diane1 says to clay():when i fist started i would read currency newshound back in the day and there was not that many guru/dinar people started out with looney Terri K. and dinar daddy. many of the articles from currency newshound would contridict each other yes would delete the zeros and no delete the zerso there would be at least 1/2 dozen articles a day back and forth.
now there is one extraordinay article after the other this time they mean business they are not dragging their feet and stomping their feet anymore, They are actually working with each other and finally geting things done THANK GOD!

Dinar Updates Saturday Early Chat  5-5-17  Part 2 of 3

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

larrykn says to DIGIman1():things are getting interesting lately :)

larrykn says():History of edits:: 2017/5/6 8:35 • 162 times readable
Iraq confirms the continuation of the salaries of employees, regardless of Anbar

[Where-Baghdad]Rafidain Bank confirmed its continuation in Anbar province , officials pay the salaries in accordance with thelegal procedures followed.

The Information Office of the Bank said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that "no truth to the news that dealt with some of the media about the delay or stop Anbar employees pay thesalaries for the month of March and April."

Dinar Updates Saturday Early Chat   5-5-17  Part 1 of 3

Post From Dinar Updates
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights

larrykn says to magnetlady():news is looking good today
magnetlady says():Love the sounds of that

larrykn says to magnetlady():Iraq commander is saying Mosul will be liberated within days :)

larrykn says to magnetlady():now they are talking about starting financial reforms :)

magnetlady says():As is everyone else, I am so ready.
larrykn says():Grants and loans to Iraq from the IMF more than $ 3 billion

baghdad / Zahraa Al-Jassem Financial Advisor to the Prime Minister , Dr. said. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh, that Iraq , according to the recent talks with the International Monetary Fund in Washington,

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