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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Monday Evening 4-23-18 

Futuremoney: #Iraq temporarily self-sufficient in fuel for first time since fall of Saddam http://www.iraqdailyjournal.com/story-z17030396

Zig: :Really?

Doug_W: @Zig gotta LOVE it eh?

Spectra: FOX Business ‏ Verified account @FoxBusiness 14m14 minutes ago More .@RandPaul: "People are going to be surprised over the next year or two that I think there will be some ending of some of the wars in the world."

[pm]Doug_W: saw that yesterday on Fox news channel

Spectra: @Doug_W still good news..


Agentsnowball: I remember two or three years ago a blue call regarding lower denominations being moved from not a location in USA to not a location in Jordan. So are they printing or are they already printed from years ago?  

Tigger: This was discussed quite a bit in the recorded conversation with Delta and Frank at the beginning of the CC, AgentSnowball.

Yes, there was acknowledgement of previous printings of the small bills. However, there is considerable momentum to suggest that what was once expected to come out at 1:1 could now be a higher rate for the RI.

In fact, the amounts that Delta shared that the CBI profited in the first quarter serve to support the value of the IQD. 

The expectation is that the CBI will need more smaller bills with demand for them expected to be higher worldwide. Remember, 1:1 is still the stated target for the RI by the CBI, but teams are thinking a higher rate will prevail with the extra time taken to educate the citizens of Iraq as well as numerous other economic factors at play (like border security with Syria and lower auction amounts).


Sunny: Frank26 Update, "Get On Board"

Summary of Frank26 CC, Monday, April 23, 2018

Due to the length of Franks Monday CC I am condensing my understanding of what he said and giving you a summary of his call.

It seems the CBI plan was to call for the three zero notes, TZN, to be turned in just so they could distribute the smaller denominations.  

[Frank]: IMO, they printed just the small notes and the others (three zero notes) are being collected, and they will not be replaced.  The three zero notes and the small denom’s are going to co-exist together. They don’t care about the three zero notes.

And even though the CBI gave the banks and exchangers the plan several weeks ago, the banks and money exchangers are refusing the TZN’s.  Therefore,


Some Highlights from Monday Night CC:

Emailed to Recaps:

Frank26: CBI had used funds in the budget for Jan, Feb and March to print new currency. 

It looks like they are preparing not for a 1-1 rate, but for a higher rate when they RI. 

It looks like in the country it will be 1-1, but internationally, we don't know, but it looks like it will be a higher value. 

Alak, the governor of CBI, said in an article “We Are Ready. It could be any day … any second. 

IMO They have a target date and they are waiting for it.  

The CBI has sent instructions to every bank how to accept the currency notes. They are about to distribute the new notes

Based on their past behavior, when CBI says something it takes a month for them to do it. It is like a Quarterback throwing a football and the ball is in the air ..IMO that's where we are at with this investment.