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JesusLovesBaseball:  Training program on risk management

To all government and private banks ( training program on risk management )

To all government and private banks

The Center for Banking Studies presents its greetings to "

The Center for Banking Studies is pleased to announce that it has implemented an integrated training program aimed at rehabilitation and development

Cadres of the banking system and identify the employees in the risk management departments, starting from the effective risk management

It is the best way to achieve objectives by controlling and controlling risks of all kinds, divided into three phases

For the same candidates and includes a written examination where the program will be (*) a training hour and training begins

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DA Member News Highlights & Comments 2-1-18

Kaperoni Moderator Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) News > Central Bank: Signing a contract to establish a deposit guarantee company with 44 banks
Kaperoni Moderator  Thanks Chattels
Central Bank: Signing a contract to establish a deposit guarantee company with 44 banks

Release date: 2018/1/31 12:24 •             [Ayna-Baghdad]
The Central Bank of Iraq announced the signing of the bank deposit guarantee company.
The Director of the Information Office of the Bank, Acer Jabbar said in a statement received by the agency of all Iraq [where] a copy of it "that, in accordance with the duties of this bank provided for in its law and in order to ensure the stability of the banking sector and increased confidence in it was signed the Memorandum of Association of the bank deposit guarantee company with the founding body Including government and private banks, including foreign and a total of 44 banks distributed by 6 government banks 22 commercial banks and 16 foreign banks.


Thursday UPDATE for February 1, 2018

The CBI announced retiree and pension payments will commence on February 1. A schedule of payments has been published for February 4 through February 8, 2018.
PM Abadi was on Iraqi TV stating to Parliament that the international world would not be supportive without the approval of the 2018 Budget. There appears to be a sense of urgency to get this completed.

Wrider22: So we are waiting for the 2018 budget to be approved and in the Gazette ASAP?

LizardLips: The 2017 Budget was completed however, the 2018 Budget is what the Parliament is still working on. They as I understand have had one (1) reading….

I believe that the Fed's are waiting for several things to be completed, Budget, Article 140 completion... etc.,... the Budget has all of these factors in it...