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Post From TruthCall Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Tuesday Early PM 7-04-17  Part 3 of 3
Hutch: We have had better news this last month than we have had in 10 yrs
Hutch: Hang in there, We all tired
larrykn: @Hutch the news is just crazy lately , I love it :)
Hoss: @Hutch I could wait a few more years if I knew for a fact this would go in our favor. But we really don't 100% know what will come of our 3 zero notes
Hutch: @larrykn Yes it has
Hutch: @Hoss We dont know... what we dont know
Hoss: I have high hopes though :-)
Meatball: heard that before

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Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Tuesday Early PM 7-04-17  Part 2 of 3
Spectra: really i had a dream 5 months ago with this set of numbers194
Spectra: now watch Franks call from monday and he shows my numbers.? watch you think of thaT????
MichelleL: @LJ what does that mean Spectra, 194 per d, highway 194, 194 pounds, just keep us in tune ;)
LJ: Yea, tell us
LJ: Oh I forgot, when I woke up this morning, the show going RVING was on

Post From TruthCall Chat Room

Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Tuesday Early PM 7-04-17  Part 1 of 3

larrykn: Urgent joint operations completes a statement declaring victory. Tarikh التحریر:: 2017/7/4 19:05 • 53 times its read [In Baghdad] The source said JSOC/cell war media statement completed victory with full editing right side near the city of Mosul terrorist gangs of ISIS. Follow
Spectra: My son was shopping at sprouts yesterday with red,white and blue plaid shorts on,with a red :biggrin: t shirt .The total for his shopping spree was ----1776 ...what are the chances of that?
Noname: @Spectra cool
Spectra: GOOD OMEN!
BKTLA: Just wanted to share what I found out - That host website is connected to the Cbi.iq website and to cbiraq.org - one man has technical and Administrative control on the website. Amir Shaher - He is the Deputy D.G at Central Bank of Iraq -Iraq Computer & Network Security. I have looked him up and he is legit. So, seems this website. Hope this helps. :) 

Sovereign Man June 6, 2017 Santiago, Chile

This article was originally published on Nov 14, 2012, but it is fully up to date as of Jun 6, 2017.

A Second Passport is not just for the "James Bond" and super wealthy of this world. The truth is that it’s possible for ANYONE to obtain dual citizenship.
In this in-depth article you'll learn the four ways of how to get a second passport (potentially for free), that will provide you the lifelong benefits of having more options for living, working, investing, traveling, and doing business around the world.
And these benefits won’t just be available to you... but to entire generations to come.
I’ll never forget the day-- Over 17 years ago, when the Fedex envelope finally arrived.
Inside was my very first second passport. It was an incredible feeling. And one of the things that got me started on this journey.
Suddenly I realized that I was no longer beholden to one nation. That no single government had exclusive authority over me. I had more options. I had more freedom.



DMBently;  Gift tax: 6 ways to avoid paying the IRS

Most people focus their tax planning efforts on minimizing the amount of income tax they pay. However, the  federal gift tax  can be even more onerous because of its 40% rate, and many people don't even know when they have to pay gift tax. Fortunately, there are provisions in the tax laws you can take advantage of to avoid paying gift tax, and most people will be able to take advantage of these provisions never to pay any gift tax at all.

When you owe gift tax

Technically, the tax law imposes a gift tax on every single gift you make to someone else. The donor is the one responsible for paying the gift tax, not the recipient.

Potentially taxable gifts include money, property, or the right to use or get income from property without receiving something of equal value at return. In addition, if you sell something for less than its full value or if you make a loan at no interest or with a reduced interest rate, then you might be making a gift.

Post From TruthCall Chat Room

Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Tuesday Early AM 7-03-17  Part 3 of 3
Iqdnewbie: Once this ride is over. What r your plans.
Iqdnewbie: Party, invest in more currency, humanity projects?
Baxter: after almost 12 years... I am my own... Humanity Project... :Tup
Brow: @BlackGold - Just along in Texas Last year there was 640,000 Criminal acts By Illegals & They wonder Why We Don't Want Them-Besides Robbing our SS & Medical at the Expense of Tax payers & In S.F. , Cal. 70+ Robberies a Day ?
Hutch: @Baxter LOL Agreed !

Post From TruthCall Chat Room

Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Tuesday Early AM 7-03-17  Part 2 of 3
Spectra: BlackGold The site is real or it wouldnt be up for 1 week now! PERIOD! END OF discussion!
Romello: Hutch exactly
BlackGold: Its ral is it legit
BlackGold: real
Hutch: @BlackGold It is linked to the cbi,iq site
Spectra: if it was a fake it would have been tanked down by now! I am sure they are well aware of it if we are!-period!
Spectra: so we still wait Iraq is not done!
Romello: Wonder if someone can link to our US Treasury web site for days and make changes?

Spectra: NO, of course not!
Hutch: @Romello highly doubtful
Spectra: not for a full week!
Romello: And link for a fake site without being arrested by lunch time the same day. lmaoff
Elilali: Well you would also think that whoever is hosting the site would see that it's getting a bajillion hits and take it off. That makes me a little weary.

Post From TruthCall Chat Room

Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Tuesday Early AM 7-03-17  Part 1 of 3
chattels: The start of the parliament session

 Termination of a legal reading of Iraq's accession to the Convention on Land Transport and modification of fines

and, wait for it.................... parliamentary session to raise the next Thursday

MichelleL: they better hurry up, chattels, before NK blows us up