July 30th 6pm

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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room 
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Sunday  7-30-17 Part 2 of
tman23: This is from a 9/2014 article..... The CBI has two separate foreign exchange rates: a floating “market” rate available to everyone, and a fixed “auction” rate available only to banks and certain importers.
The market rate for dollars is currently much more expensive than the auction rate due to high demand. This is only natural: the gap (or “spread”) between the two widens during times of crisis because people lose faith in their currency and flock to the safety of dollar holdings. ...... 3 YEARS AGO AND IT REMAINS THE EXACT SAME TODAY....
tman23: And here is an answer to fears of "the currency" and Kurds independence....Mark DeWeaver, an emerging markets fund manager in Washington D.C., makes clear that Kurdish currency is a long shot.

Post From IQDCalls Chat Room 
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Early Sunday  7-30-17 Part 1 of 2
Sparky: Any news Chattels?
Sparky: Maliki to Russia, trying to get cozy? Iran doesn't even want him
Sparky: Could be a damper, on our situation
Sparky: What are your thoughts?
Meatball: been saying it since day one... maliki is a problem as long as he is alive
Meatball: just one of the factions who does not want to see Iraq prosper
Sparky: @Meatball agree
Sparky: Maliki is tranquilized, short road for him
Sparky: USA See's all
Sparky: Six brothers killed by Hussain?
Sparky: Insanity
Sparky: M hates Iraq, and everything it can be
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DELTA:  The International Monetary Fund has called on Iraq to make fundamental adjustments in its economic and financial sectors, especially the banking sector, which needs to restructure and new policies in line with the reforms called for by the Fund as a condition to support Iraq.  DELTA



Upstart: A revaluation would be a fundamental adjustment   Just sayin...(Big Grin) 

Frank26:  G OOD JOB DELTA ............... BLANKS ARE WITHIN THE BANKS .......... WINK.

Cleitus:  Maybe fils..., to fill in the blanks.  (or LD's?)
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Tishwash:  new gazette but no budget  :  Issuing the new issue of the number 4454 of the Iraqi newspaper Al-Iraqiya Formation of the court house in Lailan district    link

Daz:  there are two "gazettes" in iraq i think...one is a newspape​r​...and the other is called "iraqi facts"...the latter is​ sim​ilar to our congressional record and is a reporting of the mini​stry of​ planning, a gov entity. amy changes in currency would likel​y be part of the latter a​s well as a primary report    http://www.mop.gov.iq/mop/index.jsp?sid=3&nid=595&y=2017&m=3&d=21&lng=​en#

Cozmogirl:  Can anyone answer this? Why would currency dealers be pressed to give incentives to sell out currencies before an RV? Wouldn't they be left holding a more valuable product too?  Just not able to make sense of that.... since dealers could purchase remainder??

Kue911:  A lot of dealers have currency on consignment. When the RV happens they have to return it to Iraq

Yada:  cosmogirl,,,even after the RV,,,they are still dealers and need work harder to make sales since most who have exchanged were in it for the greater exchange,,,also consider, even after we exchange, the conventional world of investment will have just started even at the 3.71,,

Here is an example,,,if a NFL player is playing football, are they still a NFL player while they wait to sign a contract with anothr team? They are still NFL player even when waiting,,,,,a dealer is a dealer before the RV and a dealer after the RV,,,just their customer base shrunk
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