February 28th 6pm

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Cleitus: Whaoooo...., if this doesn't speak of internationalism I don't know what! 

Samson:  Acknowledgment from SWIFT International

February 28, 2018

In appreciation of the efforts to provide the Iraqi banking system Mttmla Central Bank of Iraq
and all operating banks in Iraq used the security standards of your self-approval 

of the Customer Security the Program ( the CSP) , the Central Bank of Iraq received a letter
of thanks from the Swift global company and thus the Central Bank of Iraq is one of the first
central banks Middle East, which has committed itself and committed its banking system to
implementing these standards as part of the measures to enhance the security of the external remittance environment    https://cbi.iq/news/view/618

RV/INTELLIGENCE ALERT - February 28, 2018 (Excerpt)

On the financial front, the Executive Order trigger mechanism for the RV was signed.

All countries have signed the Paris Agreement except for one.

A revised Paris Agreement is in the works for Trump.

It is essential that every country, including the U.S. signs the Paris Agreement.

The Paris Agreement is GESARA in disguise.

It is currently unknown at this time whether or not the U.S. joining the Paris Agreement will be a back door event or public announcement.

Nonetheless, once Trump signs the Paris Agreement -- the RV releases and the transition begins.

Operation Disclosure
Read full post here: https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/

​The Richest Person In Each U.S. State
Published: June 24, 2017 7:04 p.m. ET

In California, Mark Zuckerberg surpassed Oracle Corp. co-founder Lawrence Ellison

This year Facebook inventor Mark Zuckerberg surpassed Oracle Corp. co-founder Lawrence Ellison, who topped the list in California in 2016, with a net worth of $62.4 billion.

By Kari Paul Reporter

How much are the wealthiest people in each state making? More than ever, a new report from Forbes found. Most of the people on the list were on it last year — and collectively, they’re worth $682 billion more than last year. Overall, the net worth of each person averages $14.4 billion in the 2017 listing, up from $12.6 billion each in 2016.


TheEyeGuy: Went to wf yesterday, the teller said that their system had finished all upgrades with the foreign currency section, but she had not been trained on it yey.
There seems to be all new people in the bank, i go in about 3 times a month, manager is new, dont recognise any tellers, the personal banker is the only one that has been there for years.

Lena: So the vote on budget is postponed to next week. Well that just great.

DocSavage: The budget doesn't create the rate, it just reflects the rate. Tony says many of his sources say the budget is "immaterial." Ray thinks that as well.

AJTexas: Hopefully this is fake news, Iraq has postpone the opening of the budget until next week. I surely hope that the budget has nothing to do with what we’re waiting for this week.

Concan: The budget may be immaterial but isn't the rate supposed to show up in it by law.