August 29th 6pm

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Tuesday UPDATE for August 29, 2017

A news flash has been reported to me that Baghdad has paid the Kurds approximately 80% of their debt today. The significance of this action is being researched for later details. #wearethepeople

SassyD: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ----- Margaret Mead, anthropologist

Why You Should Start Financial Planning Early
Investopedia    Todd Wilhoit August 29, 2017
Many people erroneously think that financial planning is something to start when nearing retirement; however, the younger you are when you begin developing a financial strategy for your future, the more successful you will likely be. Early planning forces people to examine their own financial health and spending habits and to examine topics such as:
Saving Family planning
College tuition
Purchasing a house

​Money Basics: What's your net worth?
June 5, 2017
Welcome to Money Basics, Yahoo Finance’s new personal finance series offering quick explanations for some of the most important terms involving your money.
When you hear that people like JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon are “worth millions,” do you wonder how much you’re worth? It’s a pretty simple formula to find out. Your net worth is the value of everything you own minus everything you owe.
A simple formula


Sirenfire: The CC last night was amazing ... the ledgers, controlling the 2% inflation, and other aspects that we study seem to be coming to the end of their lifecycles IMO and from what I have studied that you have graciously provided me with.

Article 8 is so close and really maybe as I write this post maybe even finished.

The IMF giving Iraq the GO to RI anytime they want a great encouragement.

The fact that the GOI and money changers and banks are all held to international standards is amazing and then the advanced classes that all the banks have had to take to become international or be ready for the international world and release a tradable currency is so cool.

The way this process has rolled out is amazing to watch when you connect the dots and can understand why certain events has to happen in certain sequences.


Walkingstick:  These are the new customs controls for the introduction and removal of funds across the Iraqi border

The time now is 05:47 PM
The General Authority of Customs announced on Tuesday new instructions and controls for the authorization of funds when entering and removing them across the Iraqi border and issued by the Central Bank of Iraq / Council against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing.

"According to the provisions of Paragraph (4) of Article (7) and the provisions of Articles (34) and (35) of the AML / CFT Law No. (39) for the year 2015, we issued the controls," the Customs Authority said in a statement received by Al-Ghad Press. The following are the 
controls for declaring the money when entering and removing it across the Iraqi border


Pearle: Well the mall should have opened yesterday, we should hear something today.

Bihisham: Mall"? no think "bizarre" ancient style middle eastern not modern western style mall?

Readitnow: bhisham, have you seen pictures of the mall?​-abadi-officially-opened-the-baghdad-mall-in-the-harthiya-area-on-satu​rday/

Bihisham: Wow! LOL… not at all…… Do you think it has a dollar store, called a '25,000 dinar' store? LOL..sorry I'm in a funny mood this am

Wycoffful: It is so unclear to me how a Mall can open up with a currency that is worth pennies on the dollar? What are we missing here?

Freeway2: The Mall was/is an investment project. I would bet Iran has some investment in the project as other Countries that want inroads in Iraq....

Yada: I look for this to be first of many since Iraq is envisioned to be as prosperous as Dubai

I really do expect us to see this any moment,,,the RV process is about to be released at our level,,,


Hi to all who are still paying attention and waiting patiently for our blessing to come. Yesterday morning as I waited in the waiting room as my son had two procedures done hopefully to find an answer to his health issue, I selfishly wished this blessing had come prior to this day.

Then I could have afforded all the health care of the best in the world to find my son’s health problem. Yes it was selfish of me to wish for the blessing for my own family’s benefit.

Who am I to wish for something that is being given to my family and I and all of us holding currency especially Zim that is a gift. Yes a special gift that I am honored and feel privilege to receive. I pondered about what it means to receive a gift.