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Chris05:  IMO, in principle, it's done.

IMO, We just now wait for the timing of the flow of capital (funds) to trickle down to our level in the International markets, one step at a time. There is nothing else for us to do, but to be humbled and blessed to be a part of the largest transfer of wealth in history.

I will also say the following that IMO, specifically applies to all of us in this investment, at our level.

"Those that enter through the door last, will come out through the door first"

Cheers   Chris
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Irene:  Earlier I was checking Iraqi news on Twitter ____ insane what the people in Mosul face ___ it reminds me of the reconstruction Berlin went through after WW2 ____ facing a hard road ahead >The Impossible odds< ____More Power to the people Mosul

Dutchie:  Irene, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Rotterdam Paris etc etc

Irene:  Dutch____ I moved to Germany in the 60s and they were still reconstructing

Dutchie:  Wow, and they brought suitcases full of the riech mark with swastica, and traded for the new mark, and families from there have not worked for three generations… Shipped pallet loads from us printers, marked as dog food

Dedar:  dutchie who shipped pallets full?

Dutchie:  Us treasury
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Bruce:   Welcome Everyone to the Big Call. Thank you all in tuning in tonight. I hope this is our last call for a while. We have been hoping that for a few weeks for awhile. We are hearing some very cool things. We are going to talk about that.  We tend to start with Iraq

Bruce:   Iraq issued Qi cards to their citizens, and dual citizens. Those have had another increase in pay and back pay on Sunday. That is very positive.  I don’t know what the actual rate of the dinar is. I heard roughly where we might be. Iraq is paying their citizens more on those cards now than they ever have. When are we going to see the new Iraqi dinar rate posted on CBI or on a Forex site? I can’t tell you. I have a feeling it will come as soon as we get started with our exchanges. I think it will come pretty much the same time. That is something we can look forward to.
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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Tuesday PM 7-18-17  Part 2 of 2
txbrand: seeks to achieve a balance between selling the dollar and keep it--------the Bank sought Sunday to strike a balance between selling and maintaining it, indicating that the balance is speculative and large profit margin.
Whitelions: @chattels (chattels: @Acerginnala Mike is at DinarAlert. An informed and reasonable man, I think.) I think he's ill informed and all over the place but that's me
txbrand: stating that "a foreign exchange balance enough as in previous years there is a margin and room for speculation and big profits.
txbrand: sounds like to me he wants to change it
Whitelions: @txbrand I agree
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Post From IQDCalls Chat Room
Chat Room News Excerpts & Highlights Tuesday PM 7-18-17  Part 1 of 2
Sergio: ISX rises 1.54% on banks stocks, trading activity up
Sergio: Iraq inks oilfield development contract with Baker Hughes
 Dave: Qi cards out ,mastercard ,reeling in the currency auctions..........
Sergio: Iraq to repay $500 million to Iran for electricity debts
Dave: Cbi making profits despite fighting a war....
Dave: foreign aid coming in from all direction to rebuild this country...... which should end all the unemployment
Dave: good news
Sergio: More news coming soon
Dave: on the economical side anyway....politically we shall see